Alex Gonzaga: The Sassy Sister Turns 28 - Part 2
Her big comeback project was being a guest host of the fifth season of Pinoy Big Brother titled PBB: All In. However, during the final minutes of the launch night, it was revealed that Alex will be the third and final celebrity housemate to enter Bahay ni Kuya. She was given the moniker "Sassy Sister ng Rizal."

While inside the confession room of the house, Alex opened up about her relationship with her sister Toni to Big Brother. The older sister couldn't hold her tears as she watched the video clip.

After staying inside the PBB house for two months, she went on to become the social media correspondent of The Voice Kids (2013).

She also joined ABS-CBN's comedy gag shows "Banana Split" and "Banana Nite" and the Sunday noontime variety show ASAP.

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