ABS-CBN’s most watched, most talked about PH drama debuts in Myanmar

Television viewers in Myanmar now get to see hit shows from leading Philippine media and entertainment company ABS-CBN every day of the week as Sky Net channel begins airing The Heiress, the highest-rating afternoon drama series in the Philippines. The show airs from Monday to Thursday at 7 PM, preceding the airing of another hit ABS-CBN series, The General’s Daughter, from Thursday to Sunday at 9 PM.

The Heiress is about two women in a fight for the right to a prominent family’s wealth. Viewers will get to follow former lovers Romina and Carlos as they end up marrying different partners, but get mired in a complicated situation. Romina marries Robert Mondragon, a widowed business tycoon, while Carlos marries Daniela – Robert’s daughter from his previous marriage. As each union brings forth a child—Romina gives birth to Cassie who was conceived from sexual abuse, while Daniela and Carlos have a daughter named Marga—a new Mondragon rivalry arises. As the families move forward with their lives, dark and painful secrets from the past pull them closer, leading to feisty encounters between Romina and Daniela, and Cassie and Marga. 

Meanwhile, The General’s Daughter brings the story of 2nd Lieutenant Rhian Bonifacio, a military nurse in the Armed Forces of the Philippines who takes on an espionage assignment from her adoptive father Tiago Guerrero to take revenge on an enemy, the high-ranking general Marcial De Leon, who is her real father. As secrets unravel and Rhian finds herself thrust in the middle of a fight between her adaptive and real families, she must decide where her loyalty must reside.

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