ABS-CBN fills Valentine’s Day with kilig via pilot episodes of 4 love stories from Precious Hearts Romances Presents

Just in time for the Valentine’s Day celebration, ABS-CBN filled the special day with kilig by premiering the pilot episodes of four of the Precious Hearts Romances Presents tales that we used to love around a decade ago on the official YouTube channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment.

As part of our “Feb-Ibig” treat this 2021, the network will stream all the full episodes of “Lumang Piso Para Sa Puso”, “Your Mine, Only Mine”, “Love Me Again”, and “Mana Po”, letting Kapamilyas relive the thrill, passion, and laughter these narratives had brought to us.

And as we anticipate the next episodes in the coming days, let’s take a look back first on what happened in the initial episodes of each book that will surely excite you to binge-watch them again this year!

PHR Presents: Lumang Piso Para Sa Puso

Raised by her late grandmother believing in fairytales, Sandra (Kristine Hermosa) has been looking forward on the day when she’ll finally meet her Prince Charming. Although there’s conceited Konsehal Magtulis (DJ Durano) who has been persistently wooing her, she seems to not care even a bit about him as she cringes just on his mere presence and everything that he does for her.

Despite already living all by herself, she still finds herself strapped for cash. Thus, she has to juggle working as a government employee and vending beauty products and clothes in order to make both ends meet and have their ancestral house be repaired. However, doing so is apparently not enough yet, so she decided to sell the prized antique coin of her lola to Dave (Oyo Boy Sotto), an antique shop owner in their town.

Their initial meeting was a case of “hate at first sight” as she found out that he was also the same guy who drove the convertible car that almost hit her a few days before. While she was fortunate enough to save herself from harm, Dave was unaware of it since he wasn’t looking on the road when it happened. The heated altercation between the two cooled down when she brought up the antique coin, which he immediately inspected and confirmed authentic.

PHR Presents: You’re Mine, Only Mine

With only her dad and aunt by her side growing up, Roxanne (Denise Laurel) does everything to make them proud of her. A bright and idealistic young woman that she is, she diligently obeyed them by not getting into a relationship until she finished her studies and went on to fulfill her dream of helping her late father’s pineapple farm prosper.

Just when she thought that everything’s fine, little did she know that her father had a Php 10 million financial obligation towards his boss Alex (Will Devaughn) that he should pay as soon as possible, or else he would be compelled to give up the things he valued the most.

Two years after her dad died, she did help her Aunt Pilar (Tanya Gomez) in managing their pineapple plantation, as well as had a boyfriend after she graduated. Even though they’re in love with each other, she still declined his proposal for them to get married as she still aspires to achieve her other goals in life.

Upon knowing this, Aunt Pilar encouraged her to take a one-month vacation in Manila, which she had been yearning to do. Roxanne accepted it and travelled to the city with Robert (Alwyn Uytingco), in which her aunt wasn’t aware of. As they arrived at their destination, Robert advised her to ditch the friend of her aunt who would pick her up and just go with him. However, someone approached her and invited them to go with him towards his boss’ car.

Both of them were dubious with what was happening. Alex finally came out of the car and Roxanne was shocked to see him since he was their visitor just a few days ago.

PHR Presents: Love Me Again

In their younger years, a nerdy Chad (Tom Rodriguez) used to be so head over heels with Precy (Valerie Concepcion). He pursued her for a year and did everything just to win her heart, which includes getting dressed as a bunny and putting on a show in front of everyone in their campus just to propose a date to her. He succeeded as she accepted it.

Aside from that, he also got himself involved in her younger brother’s quarrel with three of their schoolmates, which ended up with him getting punched so hard in the face. But more than the physical pain, what hurt him the most was when he overheard Precy telling her younger brother Donny (Johan Santos) and bestfriend Cardo (Archie Alemania) how impossible it was for her to fall in love with him since he’s lame, immature, and couldn’t even protect her. Thus, that evening, he didn’t show up at supposed their date.

Five years after, Precy went back to their hometown to visit. But what was supposed to be a fun vacation went on to become a disaster when Donny got brokenhearted after his girlfriend Pauleen broke up with him. She attempted to console him and told him to just forget about her to no avail. Thus, she decided to seek the help of Cardo to avenge Donny by spying at her at the bar where she works.

However, she got involved in a commotion after one of the customers tried to harass her. Fortunately, someone saved her, who happened to be Chad.

PHR Presents: Mana Po

As if struck by fate, strangers Brandi (Melai Cantiveros) and Milo (Jason Francisco) met in a truly ridiculous situation and unexpected place – after he mistook her for the snatcher who grabbed the bag of an elderly woman at the market where they both were during that time. This ensued to an almost incessant argument between them, until it was proven that she’s not really the culprit.

They may be from different paths, but they apparently have the same plight when it comes to their families. Despite being rich, Brandi didn’t have the chance to spend much time with her father Vino (John Arcilla), while Milo struggles to help his family with their finances.

With the sudden death of her father, Brandi and her boyfriend Johnny (Tom Rodriguez) found out that the company will be given to a certain Milosebio Kiping, the son of Vino’s bestfriend Jack who actually owns the wealth they’re savoring. All that Johnny received was a lucky necktie, while Brandi only got Php 500,000 which she could only claim once she succeeded in guiding the real heir in managing the company.

Stay tuned on the official YouTube channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment every day for the latest episodes of these Precious Hearts Romances Presents love stories!