Teleseryes Africa & French territories

ABS-CBN, the Philippines' leading content provider, continues to bring its prime drama series to the international market with its hit series "La Vida Lena" and "The Blood Sisters" airing in Africa and French territories respectively.

The revenge-drama series "La Vida Lena" is the latest English-dubbed offering from ABS-CBN—now airing in Africa's Sub-Saharan countries, including South Africa, Kenya, and Zambia via the StarTimes channel.

The show follows the story of Magda/Lena, a scarred woman seeking vengeance against a prominent business clan after taking everything away from her, including her life's work and her dearest family.

Meanwhile, also making its way to France's overseas territories is ABS-CBN's drama series "The Blood Sisters," with its French-dubbed version now airing in New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, Polynesia, and Reunion Island on France TV, the national channel in France.

The series revolves around the story of triplets, who uneventfully separated at birth due to a complicated affair—leaving the three to live drastically different lives and unaware of their true identities. Years later, the lost siblings cross paths in a series of mishaps and revelations as they are left to deal with their struggles, one sister at a time.

Apart from these recent feats, ABS-CBN continues making waves in global content distribution by bringing world-class Filipino content of all genres to foreign audiences in over 50 territories worldwide—selling over 50,000 hours of content, with most recently, inking a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery to air its lifestyle shows in different Asian countries.  

Other ABS-CBN programs that have aired in different parts of the world include "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano," "Sandugo," and "Bagong Umaga" in Africa; the 2015 remake of "Pangako Sa'Yo" in Latin America; and "Huwag Kang Mangamba" in Myanmar. Meanwhile, its series "Hanggang Saan" and "The Good Son" had its own drama adaptations in Turkey.

Living up to this recognition, ABS-CBN International Distribution commits to add to its line-up of high-caliber programs and movies with casts and storylines that appeal to various cultures.  

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