ABS-CBN Books launches reading campaign

Discover a new world, rekindle old dreams, and find a new love by reading—these are the encouraging messages for Filipinos staying at home imparted by ABS-CBN Books in its new reading campaign.

Isara ang pinto, buksan ang libro. Stay at home, Kapamilya!, according to the campaign’s video airing as TV commercial in various channels and also uploaded on ABS-CBN Books’ YouTube channel, entitled “May Libro Para Sa Iyo: Rediscover the Joy of Reading in the time of COVID-19.”



“Reading is particularly vital during community quarantine because we can escape to many different places through our books. We may feel imprisoned physically, but we can be liberated from our four walls through a good novel,” shared Creative Programs Inc. president Ernie Lopez.

Paolo Ramos, director of the video, said that the campaign aims to remind people that one does not need to go outside to immerse himself in a new world and explore its depth and vastness.

“How wonderful it is that we can expand our world view without leaving the safety of our homes. To acquire a new skill. To learn about the life of a personal hero. To discover a new perspective on life, on love, on things that truly matter,” Paolo said.

Ernie echoed this, stressing that readers can get to know people who are normally out of reach. He uttered, “Reading allows us to listen to the words and thoughts of a person who we may not have access to or a person who is no longer with us.”

He also emphasized how the act encourages people to learn and see things another way. “Reading is a way of learning by listening with our eyes and seeing with our imagination,” added Ernie, who is currently reading the Gospel according to Luke.

Paolo meanwhile shared his personal take on reading books. “What I personally love about the act of reading is what it does after I put the book down. As I savor a sentence, a phrase of words wonderfully strung together, I become aware of a stillness inside of me. Not too much that I forget but just enough to think clearly, to judge better, to take back a little sanity, to breathe,” he disclosed.

“If we can all afford to quiet our troubles even for just a little bit, isn't that enough reason to open a book?,” he concluded.

The “May Libro Para Sa Iyo: Rediscover the Joy of Reading in the time of COVID-19” campaign is part of ABS-CBN Books’ drive to promote reading and writing books among Filipinos. Last March, it also launched Project Foreword, an author search and mentorship program that seeks to train aspiring writers. It is led by mentors Charo Santos-Concio, Ardy Roberto, Makiwander, and Ricky Lee.

Rediscover a new world while staying safely inside your homes by reading. Get the latest ABS-CBN Books’ best sellers from its stores on Lazada, Shopee and at the NBS Online Store.