A Second Chance for Popoy & Basha

(No spoilers here!)

“You had me at my best, she had me at my worst. But you chose to break my heart.”

Back in 2007, even before the concept of hugot was popularized by heartbreaking stories and tear-jerking lines, the ultimate hugot film was already born. “One More Chance” (dir. Cathy Garcia-Molina) starred by John Lloyd Cruz (Popoy) and Bea Alonzo (Basha) became a classic as quotes were used again and again by fans and were even referred to by hugot-related movies such as “That Thing Called Tadhana” (dir. Antoinette Jadaone, 2014).


Years has passed and the movie still resonates in everyone’s hearts. It is, after all, a narrative that is all too familiar--long-time couple breaks up, moves on separately, only to find themselves back in each other’s arms. “One More Chance” put into the screen the truth about relationships and the public connected to every inch of it. With an open-ended final scene, the movie closed with another chance to love again: Popoy returns from Dubai and asks Basha out.

Flash forward to the present, a sequel to the ultimate hugot movie came out last November 25. It is now a box-office hit after garnering 43.3 M pesos on opening day. It’s also the new record-holder for having the highest first-day value for a non-MMFF movie.

Aptly titled “A Second Chance,” the installment is a second chance for fans to catch a glimpse of the Popoy-Basha love story as well as a new chance for the couple to continue what they started. After reuniting at the end of “One More Chance,” they are now happily married and, again, dealing with the struggles that go with the new status of their relationship.

Much like the first movie, “A Second Chance” may be deemed as hitting too close to home, especially for most married couples out there. In this appropriation of the truth, one can only expect the most mundane problems as well as bigger marital conflicts as the issues tackled by the older and wiser characters of Popoy and Basha.

“Your love story is what you make it,” as what one of the already quoted lines from the movie say. What has happened in the Popoy & Basha love story in the last seven years? Find out for yourself and catch “A Second Chance” in theaters near you!