A Royalty Onstage: Sarah Geronimo Soars to the Great Unknown 2
The young singer's first album "Popstar: A Dream Come True" (2003) instantly became a hit and is the best-selling debut album of all time. Coming in with such success, it wasn't a surprise that her music career and contribution to Original Pinoy Music have reached new heights.

ASAP First Appearance

International producer Christian Walden once praised Sarah G and said: "The personality of her voice is phenomenally distinct." She has received 6 Aliw Awards, 9 Awit Awards, and 23 Myx Music Awards just for her efforts in the music business. In the international scene, she has also received the Best Asian Artist Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (2012), Best Southeast Asian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards (2014), and Best Selling Filipino Artist at the 22nd World Music Awards (2014).

Ikot-Ikot from the album “Expressions"

Her music was mostly recognized as pop until she launched her 10th studio album. Titled "Expressions" (2013), the album showcased her skills in R&B and dance music and how she can effortlessly combine dancing to her singing. Her concerts and live stage performances were always critically acclaimed and sold out.
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