Kapamilya Playlist Father's Day edition

We have all always looked up to our fathers ever since we were small. Growing up he was that larger-than-life man in our lives who we can always run to because we’re sure that he can banish our fears without fail, chase away the things that made us cry, and love us despite our mistakes.

So in celebration of Father’s Day, let’s all listen to these 10 songs to remind us that no matter how old we get, our fathers will always be our heroes.

1. “Dance with My Father,” originally by Luther Vandross, has always been a guaranteed tear-jerker no matter who covers it. This song teaches us to cherish every moment we have with our fathers.

2. “Handog” is an OPM classic that can be taken as a song about a child expressing gratitude for all the sacrifices endured by his parents that allowed him to achieve his dreams and succeed in life.

3. Iingatan Ka by Carol Banawa is a song that we can all dedicate to our parents as a pledge that, just as they have cared for us when we were little, they can also rely on us to support them in their old age.

4. “Leader of the Band” is a timeless classic written and sung by Dan Fogelberg as a tribute to his father who was also a musician and a leader of a band. This song has endured the test of time because of its poignant story about a son declaring that he is a living legacy to the father who has played such a fundamental part in shaping his life.

5. “Father and Son” is another timeless classic that talks about a son who’s eager to strike out on his own and establish his independence and a father who’s just not ready to let his child go.

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