SPECIAL FEATURE: Why Sharon Cuneta is perfect as “The Voice Kids” judge
SPECIAL FEATURE Why Sharon Cuneta is perfect as The Voice Kids judge 1

All the boisterous laughter and gregarious chitchats surely filled the party place, and everyone just minded their own business—calling out characters they haven’t seen in ages or having fun with the sumptuous food finds.

This was 1977 and the party surely needed some form of entertainment. The celebrant called an 11-year-old girl, who he knew sparingly as having a voice for such a task. She was actually the daughter of a bigwig, the mayor of Pasay City, Pablo Cuneta, who graced the occasion with wife Elaine.
Though still shy and reluctant, the pretty girl Sharon agreed to do a number just for the family’s pleasure. And then and there, she was asked to sing one of the biggest hits at the time, “Bato sa Buhangin” by Yolly Samson and Cinderella, which she obliged.

Mesmerizing voice

And, as she sung the first few lines, everyone stopped all the chatter, prattle and munching and turned their heads towards the girl and was truly dumbfounded, amazed and astonished. The mayor’s kid daughter had a mesmerizing voice.

As she ended her number, those who heard her sing gave one resounding applause and cheer that went on for minutes. Yes, this kid can make it big.

One of those who were impressed in the audience was Sharon’s uncle, Tito Sotto, then a top executive of recording company Vicor Music Corp. who made it quite clear that this kid should take the path to singing stardom. The next year, Vicor signed Sharon, who just turned 12, to a record deal.

SPECIAL FEATURE Why Sharon Cuneta is perfect as The Voice Kids judge 2
Sharon at 12, recording such hits as Mr. DJ and Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko. (From Sharon’s DJ’s Pet album back cover)

From just tinkering with innocent playthings, Sharon became one of the youngest recording music artists to hit the limelight. And while her first single, “Tawag ng Pag-ibig” received lukewarm response, her next song was the monumental hit that defined and established her phenomenal career, “Mr. DJ.”

Celebrated young singer

Since then, Sharon Cuneta became the celebrated young singer, scoring hit after hit on the airwaves and record sales of her singles and albums under Vicor’s Sunshine label.  And it was but natural that Sharon made a crossover to film, with Sining Silangan Films’ Dear Heart, her first film project that started a string of box office hits throughout the next decades under Vicor’s spin-off film studio Viva Films, and surged further with more platinum hits and TV shows—making her the country’s only “Megastar”. 

Her journey is truly one enriching experience our Megastar can share as the newest judge to join the third season of The Voice Kids Philippines on ABS-CBN, as she gets to accurately decide those kiddie voice talents destined for stardom, and mentor them throughout the competition. 

Sharon is definitely the ideal mentor for any talent competition, being the eminent star of both the film and music industry through the years. She proved this when she hosted Star Power on ABS-CBN six years ago that produced the now famous Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs, Angeline Quinto, as champion. Angeline had since enjoyed a successful recording career and, likewise, a number of box-office hit films.


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