JUST FOR FUN: Netizens deem Maja Salvador as their imaginary Scarlet Witch

JUST FOR FUN Netizens deem Maja Salvador as their imaginary Scarlet Witch 1

It was indeed a close fight among Liza Soberano, Yassi Pressman, and Maja Salvador, but it’s the Dance Princess who dominated the poll we launched in the ABS-CBN Official Facebook Page asking the netizens who among Kapamilya leading ladies would they imagine as the fearless and powerful Avenger Scarlet Witch.

Reiterating how brilliant her performance was in the defunct primetime drama Wildflower, majority of the netizens see that Maja can give justice to the character portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen.

Besides, Ivy Aguas-slash-Lily Cruz and Wanda Maximoff (the heroine’s alter ego), share the same traits and life experiences, making Maja the perfect pick. Their anger and quest for vengeance were triggered by their horrifying traumatic experiences while they were still young, which fueled their aggressive passion and bravery in fighting directly for something they think is right.

Moreover, both these dazzling heroines dedicated most of their lives in pursuit of protecting their people against the vicious assailants or tyrants who wanted to exterminate or entirely hold their lives.

But unlike Maja’s popular character, Scarlet Witch possessed supernatural powers of telekinesis, telepathy, and energy manipulation which helped her defeat the villains.

Meanwhile, Yassi is apparently the second best for the commenters, pointing at her hypnotic beauty and compelling acting flair as factors to consider her as the fantasy Scarlet Witch. Of course, fans of Liza didn’t let her be left behind by arguing that her unparalleled allure and her performance in Bagani as a mighty young warrior are enough proof for her to win the dream role.