Three Things We’ve Learned From Isabela Vinzon, Mica Becerro, & Jona Soquite of ‘The Voice Teens’

There may only be one ‘The Voice Teens’ Grand Champion, but these three #AlwaysReady ladies will always be winners in our hearts. Isabela Vinzon, Mica Becerro, and ‘The Voice Teens’ Grand Champion Jona Soquite captured our hearts, not just because of their amazing talents, but also because of their inspiring stories and strong personalities. There’s no stopping these ladies from achieving their dreams—and these three important lessons we’ve learned from them can attest to that!

Be #AlwaysReady to fight for your dreams. Jona Soquite promised to give her family the good life they deserve—and she will in no time. The 13-year-old 4-chair-turner shared that it’s her 16th time to join a singing contest. She started training at the age of 7, and with all the standing ovation-worthy performances she showcased during the show, there’s no denying how great of an artist she already is. And we’re more than excited to watch Jona fight her way to the top.

Be #AlwaysReady to prove your naysayers wrong. Instead of focusing on the negativities, Isabela Vinzon worked hard to own the stage during the Semis and Grand Finals. Isabela put up a great fight. And we’re looking forward to see what’s in store for her after ‘The Voice Teens’

Be #AlwaysReady to make yourself standout from the crowd. Unlike other hopefuls who preferred the usual music genres, Mica Becerro went for the unexpected and showed off her classical technique. This young artist isn’t afraid to stick to what her heart truly wants—and that’s what makes us love her even more. The Philippine music industry is in for a treat if more brave artists like Mica would be discovered in the show.

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