9 Kapamilya female celebrities share personal stories of empowerment on Magandang Buhay

March is the month we pay homage to women as we celebrate International Women’s Day every 8th of the month.

Thus, as Magandang Buhay takes part in this annual celebration, here are nine Kapamilya female personalities whose respective appearances on the show made us admire them even more as they inspired us to be empowered women like them through their personal stories.

Sarah Geronimo

Those who have been ardently following the Popstar Royalty know that her career in the local entertainment scene kickstarted when she joined and won in the television singing contest in 2002. Sarah Geronimo’s triumphant stint there enabled her not to only fulfill her dream of becoming a professional singer, but to also support her family financially and provide them a better life.

Since then, she stood as the main breadwinner of their family, making her Daddy Delfin, in behalf of her Mommy Divine and siblings, very much grateful of her sacrifices and of being a good daughter.

K Brosas

While many of us are frightened to confess about our mental and emotional state, singer-comedienne bravely opened up about her struggle with chronic anxiety disorder and suppressed depression during her guesting in the morning program.

She also reminded everyone that these ailments actually differ in every individual, so they better not self-medicate nor self-diagnose, but should seek professional help.

Ruffa Gutierrez

Even though calling it quits with her ex-husband then was really tough for her considering that they have two children, Love Thy Woman star Ruffa Gutierrez mustered the courage to do it as she realized her worth as a human being. She admitted crying over it for quite some time, but eventually urged herself to get up and move forward for the sake of her daughters. 

We already know how powerful she is, but what makes her an empowered woman is recognizing that she committed mistakes, learning from those, and using those setbacks us her guide to a better and more peaceful life.

Nathalie Hart

Just by simply looking at her, it’s obvious that fast-rising sexy actress Nathalie Hart exudes strong personality. That’s why it is not surprising when she told the momshie hosts that she actually not fret staying single and would rather choose to take good care of her adorable unica hija singlehandedly! Like Nathalie, empowered women are capable of finding happiness within themselves and don’t entirely depend on other people.

Catriona Gray

Ever since she joined the Miss Universe pageant, many people, particularly the women and women-at-heart, look up to 2018 titleholder Catriona Gray as their ultimate role model. Aside from her beauty, wit, and personality, her genuineness and kindheartedness make us truly admire her further. She may not have a “sob story”, but she was still able to inspire us by simply showing her true self, promoting her advocacies, and sharing her experiences and knowledge to other people through her interviews, speeches, and her book “Conquering The Universe”.

Liza Soberano

Before clinching her claim to fame, a lot of doors actually closed for Liza Soberano.  But those setbacks didn’t hinder from pursuing her ambition as she kept on trying and trying until she finally made it! Now, she’s one of the biggest and hottest names in Philippine showbiz. Truly inspiring indeed!

Anne Curtis

At age 35 and being in the industry for more than two decades, Anne Curtis has probably already ticked off a lot of items in her list of goals in life. Thus, as a way of paying it forward, she uses her influence and capabilities in order to fulfill the dreams of other people through her foundation Dream Machine. From giving away tickets to the fans of K-pop group BLACKPINK who couldn’t afford to go to their concert and organizing a dream wedding, she also grants scholarships and medical assistance to less fortunate people.

Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo

Despite already being a wife and a mom, Drama Queen Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo advised women like her to never feel guilty on thinking about having their “me-time” once in a while since their families depend on them almost round-the-clock.  She reminded them that there’s definitely more to life than just taking good care of their children and doing self-care would definitely help them maintain the quality of life and love they’re providing to their family.

Janella Salvador

She got the beauty and talent that everyone of us are arguably pining to have, but unbeknown to us, Janella Salvador still doubts herself sometimes. However, she never let those negative thoughts and insecurities overpower her as she incessantly reminds herself that she’s beautiful and should never compare herself to others.

May we imbibe the inspiration, confidence, and empowerment these amazing Kapamilya female personalities have relayed to us! Happy International Women’s Month!