JUST FOR FUN: Netizens fancy Jake Cuenca as their imaginary Loki

JUST FOR FUN Netizens fancy Jake Cuenca as their imaginary Loki 1


Devious yet adorable, this character surely has won hearts not for his deeds but by his charm.


Yes, Loki may be called the God of Mischief in the Asgard world, but followers consider him as mere a mischievous prick whose deceiving and betraying nature is quite amusing and hmmm…cute.


Thor’s brother might have made life difficult for the God of Thunder, but things have changed in Avengers: Infinity War, wherein he made people adore him even more.


The character made Tom Hiddleston the sought after actor he is right now with his impressive acting chops that brought such fiendish yet amiable and valiant deity to life.


As we witness Loki make his mark, we can’t resist fantasizing certain Kapamilya actors who could do justice to such a role as an imaginary God of Mischief.


We posted a fun poll on ABS-CBN Official Facebook Page who among RK Bagatsing, Jake Cuenca and Paulo Avelino could become the Loki in their minds.


From the three choices, netizens picked Jake Cuenca as their fantasy Loki in the dream Avengers cast due to his strong, charming features, intense presence, and exceptional talent he has proven in his past portrayals.


RK Bagatsing is also a popular pick, given the impressive showing he made as a tragic antagonist in his most recent breakthrough performance in Wildflower.


Asintado star Paulo Avelino likewise became a top choice given his mysterious, mesmerizing appeal and a boyish charm perfect for the playful and impish god.