Fantastic time-traveling teleseryes that prove true love is timeless

Certainly, most of us are pining to have the ability to control time for us either to relive those happy moments, to tweak some things in the past or see how our lives will fare in the future. Having a time machine to do this remains a far-flung dream, thus, watching teleseryes that have time-travelling concepts, such as the upcoming teleserye The Promise of Forever starring Paulo Avelino, Ritz Azul, and Ejay Falcon, would offer some consolation. For this reason, let’s go back in time and revisit some of these well-loved Pinoy time-traveling teleseryes which proved that true love can definitely transcend through time:

Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan

We had a first glimpse of time warp love affair through this Claudine Barretto-starrer that aired from March 26, 2001 to February 28, 2003 and chronicled the life of Angelina (Claudine) in 1912. She would become Angeline in the present generation, where she had to come into terms with the ever-domineering Sally (Mylene Dizon), who made the lives of people around her miserable, including hers. Besides, she also must face the truth on who amongst Miguel (Leandro Muñoz), Clarence (Luis Alandy), and Benjie or Benedicto in the past (Carlos Agassi) was really fated to be her lover.

Sana Maulit Muli

Sana Maulit Muli had two books, which tackled the story of two young lovers who discovered how true love can conquer fate and destiny. The first book narrated how the protagonists Jasmin (Kim Chiu) and Travis (Gerald Anderson) met for the first time as kids and got reunited and became lovers in the long run, and how a deadly accident changed their lives forever. The second book showed the frustration of Travis to go back in time and save his one and only love from her untimely death with the help of a mysterious man known as Mang Andres. Everything that happened in the past got terribly altered and led to the demise of Travis. But seeing the couple’s huge love for each other, Mang Andres let them live happily ever after.

Lorenzo’s Time

After his spectacular performance as Santino in the well-loved series May Bukas Pa, Zaijian Jaranilla captivated the hearts of the audiences anew through his portrayal of Lorenzo, a young boy inflicted with progeria, a rapid-aging disease. After 30 years of being in a frozen state due to cryonics, woke up one day and realized that the world around had tremendously changed. With his parents nowhere to be found, she mainly relied to the help of his nanny Ate Belle (Gina Pareño). Throughout his journey, he was able to help the people dear to him fix their lives, including his brother Jonas (James Blanco) and childhood love Kat-Kat (Carmina Villaroel). However in the end, he succumbed to his terminal illness as the cure for it has yet to be found.

All of Me

A seamless mixture of reality and fantasy, this daytime soap opera showed how certain events in our lives can change us bigtime and how true love can make us do things unrealizable. It also attested that endings can also be the start of something new, just like how the lead character Manuel (Albert Martinez) was able to cope with the demise of his beloved wife through the affection and understanding bestowed on him by Lena (Yen Santos), who taught him to live and love again. With the help of an enchanted portal and the mystical fairies he met along the way, Manuel transformed back to his younger self (JM de Guzman) that made him appreciate life again.

Indeed, if love is genuine or true, time is never a factor to prove the promise of forever. That’s what these unforgettable teleseryes have shown through the years.