Kapamilya Playlist: The Music of Odette Quesada

You may not be an 80’s kid, but if you’ve ever been in love, chances are, at some point, you have sung, hummed, or listened to at least one of Odette Quesada’s songs. “Till I Met You” is just one example of the staying power of the OPM classic hits penned by this iconic singer-songwriter. Let’s round up 7 of the most unforgettable Odette Quesada songs as performed by our favorite Kapamilya celebrities.

Till I Met You

Originally sung by Kuh Ledesma, “Till I Met You” may be considered unforgettable for Odette because it won her the grand price in the 1983 Metro Manila Pop Music Festival at the age of 18. This song is now enjoying a resurgence of popularity through Kyla’s rendition which is the theme song for the newest JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) romantic drama series of the same title.

Friend Of Mine

If you thought that friend zone is just a recent phenomenon, you’re wrong. You simply need to listen to the 80’s hit “Friend of Mine” to know that people have been falling helplessly in love with friends since time immemorial. The subject of the song is just so timeless that Lea Salonga revived it back in 1999.

Give Me Chance

This song may be credited with having launched Odette’s career as a composer. At just 17, she snagged second place in the 1982 Metro Manila Pop Music Festival for this song. Originally performed by Ric Segreto, “Give Me a Chance” was rerecorded by Jed Madela in 2004.

Don't Know What To Do, Don't Know What To Say

Another Ric Segreto classic, this song remains massively popular because it perfectly sums up the excitement and euphoria of falling in love. Heartthrob Richard Yap included this song in his self-titled debut album in 2013.

To Love Again

“To Love Again” was the theme song for the kilig movie of the same title that starred the Megastar Sharon Cuneta and the late Miguel Rodriguez.

Farewell To You My Friend

The quintessential graduation song, “Farewell to You, My Friend” still has the power to drive graduates to tears as it reminds every one of wonderful memories made, and of great friendships forged, during high school. It was originally sung by Raymond Lauchengco and aptly used for the iconic 1984 youth-oriented movie “Bagets.” It was later revived by Martin Nievera.

I Need You Back

“I Need You Back” is another enduring OPM hit that came out of the teen-oriented film “Bagets” which was also sang by Raymond Lauchengco.