Sun Life’s new short films demonstrate stories of commitment, hope and love

Philippines is home to millions of people with unique and fascinating stories to tell. Shaped by triumphs, defeats, joys and sorrows, every Filipino has his own distinct narrative to share. With the presence of online media, everyone has now the power to put his personal story out there for the entire world to discover. Truly, the digital age has revolutionized the way we share, connect and communicate.

Sun Life Financial recognizes the essence of digital media in sharing incredible stories. With its commitment to spread financial literacy in the country, it launched Sun Shorts in 2012. The campaign released short films online to educate Filipinos about insurance and investment. Various prestigious local and international award-giving bodies recognized the project. This year, the campaign unveiled three new short films that highlight the importance of relationships in overcoming life’s challenges and how we can show our love to people we value by securing their future.

Sun Shorts 2017 launched “Waves”, “She Said, She Said” and “Sayaw”. The films central theme is the beauty of relationships and the way they shape our lives. The films also put the spotlight on securing a brighter future for our loved ones through proper investing and saving.

“Through the Sun Shorts, we hope to show Filipinos how life insurance can help them ease their life’s burdens and celebrate their lives’ triumphs, giving them the opportunity to show the people they love their commitment to a brighter future for them,” Sun Life Financial Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa said.

“Waves”, directed by Zig Marasigan, provides a peek into the lives and the hearts of the millennials.

“The thing about millennials is that we are mistakenly identified na hindi alam kung ano ang gusto namin sa buhay. Pero what I see totoo naman ‘yun sa kahit sino, baby boomer man o millennial. Sometimes you come to a point in your life na hindi mo alam kung saan ka pupunta sa buhay. And what happens is normally we come to a point that we only know what we want in life when we see it or in the case of ‘Waves’, is when you meet them,” Marasigan shared on how the story of his film will unfold.

The second short film titled “She Said, She Said”, revolves around the ups and downs of parenthood and features both perspective of the parent and the child. Director Nic Reyes, a parent himself, took inspiration from his experiences in taking care of his four-year-old daughter.

“It’s a film about parenthood and from what I learned in four years is that parenthood is rewarding at the same time the most difficult thing to do so we want to explore that in the film and show them that it is not as rosy as we make it to be. But before becoming a parent, I was also a son so it was interesting for me now to see both sides of the story so the film explores that angle. There are two sides to a story and when you show that, it makes for a better picture,” he relayed.

The third film, directed by Mihk Vergara, is “Sayaw” which shows an old couple drifting apart. Vergara said that he wanted to show the part of a love story that is often not explored.

“Ano ‘yung nangyayari sa isang couple pag tumagal na sila? Kasi ang daming love stories na hindi nagpapakita ng nangyaryari na ng after ng “Mahal kita”, ulan, tapos credits, after that ano ang nangyayari? May forever ba talaga given ‘yung age ng actors dito middle-aged na, nandon pa rin ba ‘yung fire ng pag-ibig? Nandon pa rin ba ‘yung lambing? Iyon ‘yung binigay sa akin na opportunity na kwento ‘yun,” Vergara relayed.

Collaborating with Sun Life Financial was a very meaningful experience for the directors, who have been given the opportunity not only to display their talent and passion for filmmaking but also the chance to educate the Filipinos on how to better prepare for their future.

As the short films make their way to the digital space, Sun Life hopes that they would help Filipinos realize that there are more ways to grow their money and prepare for a brighter life ahead.

Through Sun Shorts, the number one insurance company in the country aspires to encourage Filipinos that securing the future of their family is also an expression of love, commitment and hope.

You can watch all the Sun Shorts films via or Sun Life Financial Philippines official Facebook page @sunlifeph. Watch out for the explainer videos for each film starring Sun Life brand ambassadors Matteo Guidicelli, Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual on June 28.

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