Knowledge Channel airs student-made documentaries

Viewers can take inspiration from real-life stories that tackle social issues while sharing hope found in different settings on Knowledge Channel’s “Class Project.”

“Class Project” features documentaries produced and created by college students, starting with projects by the students at Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

Among the documentaries to be aired are “Tahan Na,” about the orphans of SOS Children’s Village. The SOS Children’s Villages is a private, non-political, non-denominational organization that provides long-term family-based care to children in need, and “Tahan Na” tells the story of some of its residents. The documentary depicts how the orphaned children have found their permanent home in the village, with their fellow orphans becoming family and the house mothers becoming their own surrogate mothers.


Other documentaries include “Triple Kayod,” which follows a father juggling three different jobs to support his family, and “Haligi,” which features a father and son as they ride through the streets of Manila in their pedicab.




According to Danie Sedilla-Cruz, channel head of Knowledge Channel, the project aims to give the spotlight to relevant social issues while giving a platform to student producers and content creators who come up with high-quality content for broadcast. The partnership with Colegio de San Juan de Letran will be the first in a series of tie-ups with different schools.

“As the title already implies, there are so many class projects like documentaries, especially by communication students, that are well-produced and should be shared,” says Sedilla-Cruz.

The project aims to give students at the collegiate level opportunities to showcase their work while making use of Knowledge Channel’s platform of educational television. The series will be airing student-made documentaries throughout the coming school year.

Watch the “Class Project” documentaries every Friday at 7:30 pm on Knowledge Channel.

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