JUST FOR FUN: Richard Gutierrez is unanimous pick as imagined Thor

JUST FOR FUN Richard Gutierrez is unanimous pick as imagined Thor 1


As we continue watch in awe as the Avengers battle the evil Thanos on Avengers: Infinity War, we can’t help but stress the significance of the God of Thunder from Asgard.


Thor is the heroic entity ready to face any cosmic being in the planet, given his immense power from within. Just like previous installments of the Avengers, Thor brings his godly powers to the fray, wreaking havoc to their equally powerful adversaries.


Not to mention his divine features as well, as Chris Hemsworth truly personifies such a transcendent character in the best possible way.


Yet as we see his every move, we can’t help to think and have fun fantasizing who could be “Hemworthy” among our Kapamilya actors who could also become Thor.


In a survey we posted on ABS-CBN Official Facebook Page, we asked who among Richard Gutierrez, Piolo Pascual, or Sam Milby could raise the hammer or axe to become the new Asgardian king.


The response was unanimous. 


An overwhelming majority picked Richard Gutierrez as a fantasy Thor in their imaginary Avengers. Because of his “godlike” looks as well and his experience of being a superhero made everyone not think twice.


Sam had also been a choice among respondents, given his resemblance to the actor while Piolo was also picked by some netizens for the role primarily due to his ultimate heartthrob looks, just like Chris.