Weekends with the family get more thrilling and action-packed beginning this Saturday (Feb 24) with the premiere of the hit TV series “Taken,” a spin-off of the blockbuster movie with the same title, on ABS-CBN.


See how it all began and get to know the younger version of the iconic character of Bryan Mills, played by British actor Clive Standen, before he became part of the CIA.


A former Green Beret, Bryan faced a personal tragedy after his sister Kelly was killed by armed men while they were aboard a train. He bravely fought all of them to protect 93 other passengers but failed to protect his loved one.


Driven by vengeance, Bryan agrees to join a group of CIA operatives and hone his deadly skills. He takes on dangerous missions but more importantly, he is out to make the people behind Kelly’s death pay for what they did.


Will Bryan find justice or will he carry guilt and regret in his heart forever?


Taken” first captivated viewers in the big screen back in 2008. Starring Liam Neeson as Bryan, the film revolved around his quest to save his daughter from Albanian sex traffickers who abducted her and her best friend while travelling in France.


Don’t miss the thrilling action series “Taken” beginning this Saturday (Feb 24), 5 pm, on ABS-CBN.