8 of Comedy King Dolphy’s remarkable, funniest movies of all-time

He wouldn’t be called the King of Philippine Comedy for nothing.

In his almost seven decades in the local entertainment scene, Dolphy never failed to give us good vibes and make us laugh with his unparalleled and effortless comedic chops through his remarkable stints on stage, radio, television, and movies. He’s able to create over a hundred movies ever since he began his career in 1944 via his film debut “Dugo At Bayan,” wherein he was billed by his real name Rodolfo Quizon and worked alongside Fernando Poe Sr., the father of his future friend-actor Fernando Poe Jr.

The late actor-comedian then went on to appear in a slew of flicks and television dramas in various genres, but it was in comedy wherein he’s known the most. Thus, as we celebrate his 92nd birth anniversary on July 25, let’s take a look back on five of his funniest comedy flicks through the years via this feature!


Kalabog En Bosyo (1959)


8 of Comedy King Dolphy s remarkable funniest movies of all time 1

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In what became one of his biggest initial forays into comedic roles, Dolphy brought tons of laughter with his first team-up with perennial partner Panchito on the misadventures of two bungling detectives, which was adapted from the famous Larry Alcala comic strip that began in 1947.


Facifica Falayfay (1969)


8 of Comedy King Dolphy s remarkable funniest movies of all time 2

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Facifica Falayfay that really left audiences roaring in laughter in his hilarious depiction of a boy raised as a young girl because his mom was obsessed with having a daughter. In a scene, he would alight a staircase dressed in a bikini covered in a see-through raincoat all with graceful pride, which was utterly sidesplitting. While it was full of the trademark slapstick and cheap humor, and a realization in the end that he was actually straight, the film became one of the Comedy King’s most memorable of all.


John En Marsha (1974)


8 of Comedy King Dolphy s remarkable funniest movies of all time 3

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The first ”John En Marsha” film, which began a series of nine films up to 1991, became quite a crowd-drawing, impressive, extremely humorous take on the television sitcom that began in 1971, directed by Ading Fernando. This 1974 offering also follows the struggles of a poor head of the family in providing for his wife, Marsha (Nida Blanca) and children Rolly (Rolly Quizon) and Shirley (Maricel Soriano) in the most uproarious and zaniest of situations, as he deals with a condescending rich mother-in-law who never ceases to badger him with her earsplitting reminder: “Magsumikap ka.”


Enteng The Dragon (1988)


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This film is impossible to leave out among Dolphy’s funniest as it featured scenes that really left moviegoers hysterical with ridiculous yet silly situations, such as the one that showed classic cooking demo cum fitness coaching that made the Comedy King ludicrous by trying to beat eggs while lying down an doing the bicycle exercise. As Enteng, Dolphy played a vendor of a mobile food house who eventually became a vigilante and hero after a young boy he found sleeping in his caravan led him to a shrine of the monks. This was his first film with son Vandolph, who played the mysterious tot. 


Home Along Da Riles: The Movie (1993)



Based on the long-running sitcom aired on ABS-CBN from 1992 to 2003 of the same title, the first movie took us back to the history of the lead protagonist Kevin Cosme (Dolphy). Kevin used to be an all-star chef at a hotel but got fired after an accident, prior to how we’d known him as a hardworking and friendly messenger in a placement agency in the series. 

The iconic Cosme Family then got involved in exposing the fraudulent practices of a corrupt politician to the Presidential Anti-Crime Task Force that nearly endangered their lives. 

It was comprised of the same cast members of the TV series, with Eddie Gutierrez playing the main antagonist.


Father En Son (1995)



Many fathers out there surely could relate to this heart-warming story of Johnny Pagudpod (Dolphy), a loving and hardworking dad who’s compelled to do odd jobs in order to provide for his son Bimbo (Vandolph) after they were abandoned by his wife. Just when they thought that their life together is already fine, Bimbo’s mother once again appeared in their lives to take him away from his father. It ended with his reunion with his beloved son and his reconciliation with Bimbo’s mother. 

It is also where his unforgettable “Banayad Whiskey” commercial could be seen! 


Da Best In Da West 2: Da Western Pulis Istori (1996)



The team-up of the Comedy King and one of the country’s top action star may be unlikely, but Dolphy and Lito Lapid didn’t fail to take us to a rollercoaster ride of action, comedy, and romance throughout the entire film, not to mention comedian Babalu being part of it as well. Their characters, police officers John and Larry may have bickered a lot in their every operation, but their mission to fight crimes and love-hate relationship amusingly bound them. Those who were able to watch it knew that one of the causes of their quarrels was Larry’s romance with his unica hija (G Toengi), which John initially opposed yet later on accepted. If you’re a fan of action and comedy, then you better go and see it!


Daddy O, Baby O! (2000)



In this movie, we’re amused by the unmistakable chemistry of the Comedy King with then-child actress Serena Dalrymple as they portrayed the roles of Mario and Anna – two people connected by a tragic circumstance. Initially hesitant of the huge responsibility bestowed to him by his deceased friend Arnold (Lito Pimentel), considering that he also has a mentally-retarded sister (Gloria Romero) to take good care of and he didn’t have experience in fostering a child as an old bachelor, Mario eventually got fond of his gumptious and frank daughter Anna.

They may have bickered a lot and went through a lot of adventures and mishaps in pursuit of saving up to look for her mother in Cebu, yet love and friendship still bloomed between them, especially at the end when they found out that her mom’s already dead. They became each other’s family, with her homeroom teacher, who turned out to be Mario’s girlfriend, being her foster mom.