8 Lessons iWant’s “My Single Lady” taught us about Motherhood and Family

Being a single mom is not easy, but being one doesn’t mean it has to be lonely. This is what iWant’s original series “My Single Lady” tries to impart to its viewers – that raising a supposedly unconventional family is just as fulfilling and full of unconditional love as a “traditional” home.

In “My Single Lady,” we follow the candy-colored life of Chona Mae (Jodi Sta. Maria), a single mom whose number one priority is her son, but becomes torn between his father, Chester (Ian Veneracion), and her newly found friend-slash-savior BG (Zanjoe Marudo). And as she deciphers what her heart truly wants, she encounters a whirlwind of events that teach her – and us – a thing or two about love, acceptance, and resilience.

Here are nine lessons the digital series taught us about motherhood and family (Spoilers ahead!):


  1. Mothers can handle everything.

From cooking, to taking the kids to school and teaching them what’s right and wrong—mom’s got this! In the series, Chona juggles various jobs in order to make ends meet. Even if this means a lack of time for herself, she remains strong and a source of light for Red and her friends.




  2. Family isn’t always blood-related.

Chona isn’t one of the lucky lot who got to meet their birth parents. Instead, Mama Reg—a co-worker of her birth mother—took Chona in and raised her as her own. And when Mama Reg passed, Mother Riri took over and welcomed both Chona and Red into her home when a fire took theirs.

3. Honesty is one of the fundamental values of any relationship.

It’s not just girlfriend-boyfriend relationships that need transparency. At the start of the series, Chona reprimands Red for lying about eating all of his vegetables. Her friends find this ironic, because she hides the identity of Red’s father, and eventually strains her relationship with her son.

4. It’s okay to admit your mistakes and flaws to your children.

People aren’t perfect, and neither are our parents. Even though they mean well most of the time, they are bound to mess up – and the best way to set an example when that happens is to admit you are wrong.


5.Families stick together no matter what.

Who else will have your back when things get tough? Aside from welcoming Chona and Red into their home, Mother Riri, Diva, and Scarlet also backed Chona up when Aunty Patty (Chester’s mom) started meddling with Chona and Chester’s co-parenting.

6. Mothers will always protect their children.

Chona may have overreacted when Red came home with a cold and a wound from his bonding with Chester, but who can blame a mother for worrying about her son’s safety? This also explains why Aunty Patty always hovers over Chester even though he’s already an adult, and why Mother Riri did not yield when Aunty Patty attacked her beloved bar and LGBTQ community.

Yes, mothers mean well, but their children also have to stand for what they think is right. Exhibit Chester.


7. Becoming a mother doesn’t mean it’s the end of your life.

As a single mom, Chona always puts Red first. So when it came to a point that she had both Chester and BG vying for her affection, she shrugged off both their attempts. However, a conversation in a dream with her Mama Reg made her realize that she is still her own person and that she too deserves love.

8. Sometimes the “unconventional” is what’s best for you, as long as it gives you love

After all the obstacles she has had to go through, Chona remained resilient because of Red, Mother Riri, Diva, Scarlet, BG, and Chester. She may not have a ‘normal’ family, but what is normal anyway? Again, who cares if they’re not of the same blood?  Everything will be okay—as long as you’re surrounded by the people you love.

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