The Many Hairstyles of Kathryn Bernardo in La Luna Sangre!

We have seen Kathryn Bernardo’s dedication in all her roles—and her latest one is not an exception. A few weeks ago, Kathryn surprised us all with her shortest ‘do yet as she revealed her new character in the top-rating show La Luna Sangre

In the story, she portrays 3 very different roles—and although we’re enjoying her costume and voice changes, we can’t help but gush over her many hairstyles in the show! Check out the memorable hairdos of Kathryn, as seen on La Luna Sangre!

1.    Fancy Braids

Photo from @mykfeliciano

Just when we thought we’ve seen Kathryn sport enough kinds of braids, we meet Malia—the fierce Itinakda! Thanks to Bernardo’s naturally long hair, it doesn’t take much of an effort for her to pull off different kinds of braids needed for her character.

2.     The Short ‘Do

Photo from @bernardofordofficial

From the sweet girl we’ve grown to know, Kathryn surprised us all when she changed into Miyo, Malia’s alter ego. In contrast to her usual ‘do, Kathryn’s Miyo now has short hair. As expected, the reveal drew in mixed reactions, but one thing’s for sure—Kathryn is willing to 

do anything for her roles. If that isn’t dedication, then we don’t know what is!
3.     Long & Strong Waves

Photo from @mykfeliciano

As much as we admire Miyo’s brave and unstoppable soul, we all know we miss Kathryn’s long hair. Thanks to Sunsilk Strong and Long that nourishes hair to be strong as it grows we’re finally seeing more of Kathryn's naturally long hair again—in waves! Let’s just hope that Toni is here to stay ‘cause we really love seeing Kathryn with her long ‘do!
Kathryn can really sport any hairstyle, but Toni’s long and strong waves is our absolute favorite! How about you? Which of Kathryn’s La Luna Sangre hairstyles do you like best?