Mccoy, Elisse, Nikko, and Maymay embark on epic Hong Kong Disneyland Adventure
Mccoy Elisse Nikko and Maymay embark on epic Hong Kong Disneyland Adventure 1

“Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” Dream Team housemates Elisse Joson, MayMay Entrata, McCoy De Leon, and Nikko Natividad just had an adventure of a lifetime in Hong Kong Disneyland, where they accomplished superhero-like tasks, tried out heart-thumping rides, witnessed a touching father-son reunion, and even bonded with a real-life Avenger.

After picking the lucky rooster cards from random ampao envelopes given by Big Brother, the four found themselves on the way to Hong Kong not only to go to Hong Kong Disneyland and try the much-awaited first Marvel-themed attraction in all Disney Parks -- the Iron Man Experience-- but also to accomplish a secret task that would give co-housemate Nikko a chance to bond with his son in the popular theme park dubbed as the ‘happiest place on Earth.’

Doing the tasks was both challenging and exciting for Elisse, Maymay, McCoy and Nikko. First, the housemates took on the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop to find the username and password needed to contact their fellow housemates in Manila, who had the next clue.


Mccoy Elisse Nikko and Maymay embark on epic Hong Kong Disneyland Adventure 2

Next they tried the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, where they successfully scored more than 2 million just by shooting various targets.

Incorporating cute and fun rides, Big Brother leveled up the game and tested the housemates’ courage aboard the RC Racer, one of the most thrilling rides in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Their confidence and showmanship were also put to test when they performed in front of thousands of people for the highly anticipated Grand Marshal in Hong Kong Disneyland. With the help of Filipinos Clarisse Mallari, dance captain for the park’s latest musical Mickey and the Wondrous Book, and Jeffrey Garcia, choreographer for Hong Kong Disneyland, the four housemates impressed audiences as they gave their all in performing in the festive parade.

Mccoy Elisse Nikko and Maymay embark on epic Hong Kong Disneyland Adventure 3

But the highlight of the whole adventure was Hong Kong Disneyland’s newest attraction, the Iron Man Experience. The first Marvel-themed attraction in all Disney Theme Parks around the world just debuted last January 11 and the housemates were among the first to try out this newest attraction that will bring guests to the world of Iron Man.

"We are always pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation so that our guests can step into the magical worlds of their favorite stories and meet their most beloved characters," said Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

"We're thrilled to be adding the high-tech, action-packed universe of Marvel to Hong Kong Disneyland, and we'll continue building on it as we move into the resort's next phase of expansion."

The adventure began with a tour inside the Stark Expo where Tony Stark showed off the latest creations of Stark Industries. The housemates were in awe the whole time as they saw marvelous innovations displayed in four exhibition halls: the Hall of Legacy, the Hall of Protection, the Hall of Energy, and the Hall of Mobility. The experience got even more exciting as Iron Man’s artificial intelligence computer system J.A.R.V.I.S. and Wendy Wong, vice president of Star Industries Asia, served as their tour guides.

Next, Nikko, Maymay, McCoy, and Elisse went aboard the Iron Wing flight vehicle. Wearing a pair of StarkVision glasses, the housemates flew around Hong Kong with Iron Man and saved the city from the evil forces of Hydra via an intense multi-sensory motion experience.

“It was really fun because it felt like we were part of Iron Man’s mission to save Hong Kong.” said Maymay.

Even after the ride, the housemates were still raving about the experience. “It’s so high-tech and I want to do it over and over again,” said Nikko.

Just as when they thought that the Iron Man Experience was already over, the four got a big surprise from Big Brother, who summoned them back to Stark Expo to meet no other than Iron Man himself.

“I was so happy because I finally met him in person,” said Maymay, who even requested to hug the popular superhero during the photo op.


Mccoy Elisse Nikko and Maymay embark on epic Hong Kong Disneyland Adventure 4

To cap off the Iron Man Experience, the housemates stayed in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel where they got an Iron Man-themed hotel room and dined in Chef Mickey at Disney's Hollywood Hotel where they savored Iron Man-inspired desserts.

Meanwhile, after Elisse, McCoy, and Maymay completed their secret task, things got emotional in Hong Kong after Nikko finally got his surprise that is his very own little boy in Disneyland. Since they set foot in Hong Kong, Nikko had been very vocal about how he missed his son so much and that he wished to take him there once he got the chance. That is why the Hashtag member is very elated by the rare opportunity Big Brother has given him.

The two had quality time going around Hong Kong Disneyland and tried out different attractions. He even went back to the Expo Shop where he got his son Aiden items from a range of more than 70 exclusive Iron Man merchandise items.


As the four continue to enjoy Hong Kong, the remaining Dream Team housemates inside the house in the Philippines are busy working on their weekly task -- to create a dragon made out of balloons.

Adult housemates Aura and Jerome, and celebrity housemate Jinri, meanwhile, still face possible eviction as this week’s nominees. Who will be the first to leave the Dream Team?

Since its launch in 2005, “Pinoy Big Brother” has mirrored the hopes, plight, and aspirations of Filipinos through its diverse mix of housemates. Big Brother formulates tasks and challenges for the housemates to bring out their best, test their strengths, and foster camaraderie as they undergo a transformative journey inside the house.

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