Friday Five: Signs That You're In Love as Told by Your Fave Teleserye
Friday Five Signs That You re In Love as Told by Your Fave Teleserye 1

More often than not, we can't tell if we're already in love with a person. (Sometimes, if we're even really in love or just "in like.") It could also be that we're just in denial so as not to suffer that fate of getting hurt. Remember that #DolceAmoreHopiaNoMore scene of Tenten? But, sometimes, it's great to just enjoy that feeling of elation, of being in Cloud 9, and seeing all the goodness in things. Our favorite teleseryes have also pointed out a few telling signs that you could be in love. Here are some of them:

1) Tigyawat sa Ilong
Know that old song "Pers Lab" wherein the band Hotdog lists down all things connected to first love, "Di na makatulog, di pa makakain, tigyawat sa ilong pati na sa pisngi, sa kaiisip sa'yo, tigyawat dumadami." In an episode of "Be My Lady," Pinang's (Erich Gonzales) brothers tease her for having a huge pimple on her nose. Could it be because she's already in love with Philip (Daniel Matsunaga)?
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