Kaladkaren dares celebrities in digital show on ABSCBNmobile.com

Kaladkaren dares celebrities in digital show on ABSCBNmobile com 1

Online sensation Kaladkaren gets up close and personal with celebrities, challenging them to spill their secrets while performing funny dares in her very own show, “Kikinangkinang Kasama si Kaladkaren,” on ABS-CBNmobile Exclusives.

The show features writer and producer Jervi Li as KaladKaren with ABS-CBN stars such as Ogie Alcasid, John Pratts, Sue Ramirez, Andrea Brillantes, Teddy Corpuz and JC De Vera among many others, in interviews with a twist. The show was inspired in part by Karen Davila, who is a veteran news anchor and journalist known for her in-depth interviews with high-profile personalities.

Catch celebrities Sue Ramirez showing off her hula-hoop skills, Ogie Alcasid sharing what makes his wife mad, Andrea Brillantes talking about her ultimate celebrity crush, Teddy Corpuz divulging his biggest fears, John Pratts talking about dad bods, and more, as guests gamely participating in more of KaladKaren’s challenges. Viewers can also catch up with past episodes anytime, anywhere.

New episodes of “Kikinagkinang Kasama si Kaladkaren” are uploaded on www.abscbnmobile.com/exclusives every Tuesday.

KaladKaren shares that the new show will be light, focusing on the entertainment genre as a way of spreading good vibes, especially for Filipinos stuck in the daily grind of traffic and commute.

“Since there are so many triggers these days—traffic, long commute lines, and so many different situations, we wanted to spread good vibes. We came up with the concept of interviewing famous celebrities and getting them to do challenges and show a side their fans don’t always get to see. This is also very different from a TV show in that the episodes are made short so you can finish a whole episode in 15 minutes or less,” said KaladKaren.

Kaladkaren dares celebrities in digital show on ABSCBNmobile com 2

“This is just the start,” said KaladKaren. “We have challenges like tongue twisters while eating polvoron; “Shot up”—a Q&A with two shot glasses of patis and iced tea; on-the-spot trivia test, and more, and with all your favorite artistas. There’s so much more to come!”

The show is among the roster of new exclusive shows now available for ABS-CBNmobile subscribers. Aside from “Kikinang-kinang,” subscribers have exclusive access to shows starring celebrities like Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Kisses Delavin, and Marco Gallo; comedian and host Alex Gonzaga; kilig ambassadors Hashtags, and radio host Mr. Fu.

With short programs now available on abscbnmobile.com, Filipinos on-the-go have more moments to laugh, be entertained, and informed by their favorite Kapamilya stars.

ABS-CBNmobile Exclusives adds to the list of ever-expanding services available to ABS-CBNmobile subscribers, as ABS-CBN rapidly transitions into an agile digital company with a growing list of digital platforms and the biggest online presence among Filipino media companies.

To access ABS-CBNmobile Exclusives, ABS-CBNmobile users must have an active SIM with internet connection (3G/LTE). Subscribers can subscribe to KSURF promo loads to get value for their money. ABS-CBNmobile load is available in all SM branches, 7-11, Puregold, Ministop and  Globe Load Retailers.

ABS-CBNmobile Exclusives can be accessed on the website via a smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet. Visit www.abscbnmobile.com to find out more.