5 teleserye love pairs we wish to be real sweethearts

5 teleserye love pairs we wish to be real sweethearts 1


Love is definitely the central and most ubiquitous element of every story, particularly in the local entertainment scene wherein audiences always expect for happy endings. Since teleseryes resemble real life, we often tend to forget to segregate reality from fiction resulting for us to immensely ship for the fictitious lovers featured in the programs we devotedly watch.


Here are some of the teleserye pairs we know you’re pining to be an official item in real life.


RK Bagatsing and Maja Salvador


Many of us certainly hated him for being the notorious Arnaldo who was too obsessed with Lily Cruz in the revenge drama Wildflower. But admit it, you wish that there would be a chance for him to be sane so that she could reciprocate his love and there would be a happily ever after for them.


Although that didn’t happen, we just contented ourselves with their faux intimate moments together happened before the intense clash between their clans arose. As a matter of fact, many fans are clamoring for them to have another project together.


Arjo Atayde and Sue Ramirez


Aside from following the journey of Paco’s family in their quest for truth regarding their mother’s case in Hanggang Saan, we also never miss to notice the unmistakable chemistry between him and the rebellious Anna. Who would forget their steamy scene that has set the online world on fire since it marked Sue’s “graduation” from preppy roles?


Their sweetness doesn’t off-cam as it transcends in between takes, which they and their co-stars generously share on social media. However, Sue and Arjo seem to be already taken.


Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales


They’ve been friends since they got paired for the very first-time in the 2009 romantic drama series Katorse and they remained that way until now. Certainly, many are wondering why their relationship did not extend beyond friendship, but both of them have been really vocal that it’s a mutual decision and they’re happy with it.


So if you miss seeing them together, don’t forget to catch them in the much-anticipated teleserye The Blood Sisters!


Zanjoe Marudo and Bela Padilla


We find their reactions cute whenever their names are mentioned in their respective interviews because we’re really shipping for them ever since they starred in the family-oriented drama My Dear Heart as the couple who took care of the child protagonist.


Even though they still don’t have any project in the works right now (as far as we know), we’re hoping to see them again together on-screen or even in real life!


McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson


Their team-up was formed while inside the Pinoy Big Brother house, where they stayed as two of the Lucky Season 7 housemates. Their tandem has been warmly accepted by their fans, spawning to strings of projects for them, such as a concert, magazine cover, and the series The Good Son.


McLisse already admitted that they’re currently in the courtship stage, just like their characters in the late-night series. Will it be soon, guys?