Tearjerking Teleserye Scenes in 2023

In 2023, ABS-CBN launched not just one, not just two, but six teleseryes that offered us totally different narratives and top-notch acting performances from the actors that were part of its respective ensemble cast. But even though the series varied in their plots, genres, and cast, they still have certain similarities – one of them being the element of drama that would never be absent in any teleserye or film.

Are your tissues and hearts ready? Well, that’s because we are going to revisit some of the tear-jerking and touching scenes that we’ve seen on Kapamilya TV this year in this special year-end feature!    


Venus is deeply affected as she witnesses her father’s suffering in the hospital | The Iron Heart

Let us start off with The Iron Heart, wherein we witnessed the admirable bond between the father-and-daughter tandem Bungo and Venus, portrayed by Mitoy Yonting and Sue Ramirez. Many were surely delighted when they finally got reunited after a long time of being separated since Bungo was in jail. But in spite of their situation, their love for each other has remained the same, with Venus regularly visiting her. Since they only had each other, Venus was really hurt to see her father in the hospital after being fatally stabbed during a riot.


Leona gets emotional listening to Carlos and Chiara's conversation | Dirty Linen

ABS-CBN indeed shocked viewers when it broadcast Dirty Linen, which had been consistently controversial throughout its seven-month run. Being a revenge drama, it offered a lot of emotional scenes, including this heartbreaking scene among Leona, Carlos, and Chiara, the characters astoundingly played by Janice de Belen, John Arcilla, and Francine Diaz.

While we probably found ourselves upset with Carlos as he once again blurted out lies about what really happened before she was born, we surely felt sorry for Chiara for being the collateral damage to all the crimes committed by her father. We felt the same for Leona, who also had to endure all the pains, judgment, and pressure inflicted upon her by people around her because of how she treated Chiara and how she had behaved as a woman and member of the Fiero Family.


Tanggol finds out that Mokang had sacrificed herself | FPJ's Batang Quiapo

After the successful seven-year run of his previous series, Coco Martin returned to primetime last February, this time, to tell the story of the mischievous yet kindhearted Tanggol in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo. We can say that he’s a modern-day knight-in-shining armor because of how willing he is to do everything for the woman that he loves, even though it would mean having to put his own life on the line.

Thus, we really felt the disappointment of Tanggol when he found out that Mokang (Lovi Poe), didn’t believe when he told her that he would help her find a way to pay the hospital bills of his father. He and his friends’ efforts and sacrifices were all put to waste as Mokang had already given up herself to a man she doesn’t love in exchange for the money she needed. And it was absolutely painful for both of them, as seen in this heartrending scene.


Caroline is mistreated by her new family | Can’t Buy Me Love

Being the illegitimate daughter of her father, Caroline spent most of her life trying to fit into his legal family from the moment that she started living with them. But it was truly impossible since they were difficult to deal with, particularly her half-sisters Bettina and Irene. Thankfully, her half-brother Charleston (Albie Casiño) has been there to back her up.

There might be no intense crying nor confrontation in this scene, but seeing how dejected, bullied, and alienated Caroline has been in their household really pierced our hearts.


Osang admits Baby's true identity | Pira-Pirasong Paraiso

After repeatedly telling Baby (Loisa Andalio) that she is not really Amy, just like what she’d been believing, Osang (Sunshine Dizon) was ultimately compelled to confess the truth to her when Baby asked her once again in this scene from Pira-Pirasong Paraiso. Osang was initially hesitant to talk about it again but was forced to spill the beans when Baby told her about the positive results of the DNA test between her and late grandma Amanda (Maricel Soriano).

When quizzed about why she did it, Osang related that it was actually the idea of Badong (Epy Quizon) as they didn’t want to lose her after everything that she did for their family. Besides, Osang also didn’t want to let go of her as she loved and cared for her and her siblings as if her own.


Joaquin consoles Sofia as she cries over Philip | Nag-aapoy na Damdamin

As a revenge drama, Nag-aapoy Na Damdamin has been serving us with tons of dramatic and vengeful scenes. And among those is this particular scene between father and daughter Joaquin and Sofia, played by Joko Diaz and Kim Rodriguez. After getting herself broken again because of her unrequited love with Philip, Joaquin made sure to be there for Sofia to console her.

He reminded her, “Tandaan mo, napakaganda mong babae, matalino ka. Maraming magmamahal pa sa’yo, higit pa sa pagmamahal ni Philip.” Truly heart-melting to hear and experience this from our fathers, right?


Tim admits the whole truth to Roxy | Senior High

The coming out of Zaijan Jaranilla’s character Tim to his girlfriend Roxy, impressively portrayed by Xyriel Manabat, in Senior High indeed created a hullaballoo among its viewers and netizens with how relatable and well-executed it was. And they did it again in this scene, wherein they finally got the chance to talk things out further.

Tim finally mustered the courage to tell Roxy the whole truth regarding his true identity and the romantic affair he has with Poch (Miggy Jimenez), which hurt her so much. She was furious that he didn’t tell her immediately because she would accept him wholeheartedly whatever his true identity would be. According to him, he chose not for he was too ashamed and embarrassed to tell her the whole truth.

Were you able to catch these dramatic scenes from teleseryes, Kapamilya?