Vice Ganda: From Comedy Bar Regular to Box Office Star
Vice Ganda From Comedy Bar Regular to Box Office Star 1

It was one Andrew de Real who paved the way to the stardom of Vice Ganda (Jose Marie Borja Viceral). Dubbed as the "Godfather of Malate" and "King of Comedy Bars," de Real served as the mentor of the stand-up comedian during his stints at Punchline and The Library. The local bars of Malate was Vice Ganda's training grounds and it was where he developed his materials, enriched his stand-up routines, and harnessed his skills in observational comedy and situational irony.
Best of Vice Ganda Live at Comedy Bar

In an episode of Gandang Gabi Vice last year, a clip of the host's first TV guesting (2008) on now-defunct "Boy and Kris" was previewed. Back then, the comedian expressed his desire to be a TV host but, in the show's segment, he wasn't able to shoot the ball into the "Dram ng Pangarap." Ironically, it has now become a dream come true. "Ang Diyos hindi naman nagbibigay ng sign. Bigla na lang nagbibigay ng blessing na hindi mo inaantabayanan," Vice said in the GGV episode with Coco Martin and Toni Gonzaga.

Vice Recalls First TV Guesting

Vice Ganda became popular after numerous rave reviews of his performances in the comedy bars. He started appearing on game shows such as "Willie of Fortune" and "Wowowee."

Wowowee (2008/2009)

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