This Holy Week, let these Kapamilya teleserye characters inspire you with their acts of kindness

This Holy Week let these Kapamilya teleserye characters inspire you with their acts of kindness 1


A simple act of kindness can go a long way, especially to someone who is having a bad day or going through a rough patch. And the best part about this is it’s free. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind of to someone. Just like these Kapamilya teleseryes that have shown their characters extending kindness to others like they’re family. So, while on vacation during this long weekend, think about how you’ve treated those around you.


The Blood Sisters


Technically Erika, Carrie, and Agatha are related by blood, but having only met recently, they’re practically strangers to each other. It’s a shock to suddenly find out you have a long-lost twin, much less when you’re one of three. Now, all that matters is making up for lost time.


Hanggang Saan


After Domeng survived a gun shot from Jacob, Dindo attempted to finish the job. Luckily, he was saved a second time around by people who love him. Through all the laughter and pain, your friends are like the siblings you never had.


Sana Dalawa Ang Puso


When Lisa’s engagement party and Tamtam’s birthday coincided on the same day, she chose to celebrate the latter and had the time of her life. Who would have imagined boss ma’am playing Trip to Jerusalem at a children’s party? This only shows how much she has grown attached to Leo and his family.





Ana understands more than anyone what’s it like to lose your family. She lost her parents and was separated from her sister when she was a kid. She was then adopted but lost this second family as well. Now, she’s part of a small group that goes on secret missions to bring justice to those who have abused the law. But more than just a team, they’ve come to genuinely care about each other.





At the end of every day, dinner is the chance for families to bond. Which is why to show his gratitude after being saved by Mayari, the Datu went above and beyond by choosing to have dinner with her and her family despite their difference in status.


The Good Son



For many, the Yuletide season is the perfect time to be happy with the family. So, when Joseph found out that Hazel isn’t having a jolly Christmas, he decided to go caroling at her house and invite them to his family’s Noche Buena.


FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano



When Diana’s life was endangered, Cardo was there to rescue her. Vendetta was also there to nurse her back to health. They may be a small rag tag team, but their loyalty and trust for each other is the reason behind their success at thwarting the plans of corrupt politicians.