KBO brings daring movie Sin Island

KBO brings daring movie Sin Island 1

Expect a sizzling KBO weekend as the sexy romance film of Xian Lim, Nathalie Hart, and Coleen Garcia “Sin Island” airs for the first time on digital TV.

The marriage of picture-perfect couple David (Xian) and Kanika (Coleen) is put to a test when the latter enters into a dangerous affair as her husband struggles with his career.

Can they still fix their relationship when David falls into temptation and succumbs to the charm of Tasha (Natalie)?

Aside from the Gino Santos’ film, making their way back to the small screen this Saturday (July 14) and Sunday (July 15)  are “Unexpectedly Yours,” “4 Sisters and a Wedding,” “Silong,” at “Deadma Walking.”