Take A Closer Look At The #AlwaysReady Beauties Who Graced ‘The Voice Teens’ Battle Rounds

Serious props to ‘The Voice Teens’ for keeping viewers on the edge of their seats every weekend. After wrapping up the Battle Rounds with a bang, the teens are now down to 56 artists and are heading towards the upcoming Knockouts. Who among these hopefuls will charm their way through the finals? That we will find out real soon. For now, let’s talk about the beautiful ladies who graced the knockout rounds with their radiant beauty, powerful vocals, and #AlwaysReady personalities, shall we? Because admit it: These young singers are equally amazing and deserving to be our newest #GirlInspo! The Knockout Rounds may be tough, but these girls slayed their performances with confidence and style!

#AlwaysReady to Impress

TEAM BAMBOO: Coach Bamboo promised to transform these aspiring singers into great performers—and he did. The girls owned the stage during the knockouts, without a doubt. Through their unbeatable determination, innate love for music, it’s safe to say that these up-and-coming stars will shine bright no matter what.


#AlwaysReady to Inspire

TEAM LEA: The team members of this group are simply brimming full of inspirational stories. Despite the challenges they encountered, these ladies never backed down and are continuously pursuing their passion for music. We’ll definitely miss those who didn’t make it to the cut, but we’re pretty sure we’re gonna see these talented ladies again in the industry—sooner rather than later.


#AlwaysReady to Wow

TEAM SARAH: Choosing which contestant will advance to the next round wasn’t an easy task. Despite the unfortunate elimination of some, we’re still rooting for these ladies to unleash their full potential. The world needs to hear more from these amazing girls who are #AlwaysReady to show the world what they’ve got.

#AlwaysReady to Awe

TEAM SHARON: Artistahin looks, unique singing style—these girls definitely got superstar potential. It’s heartbreaking to bid some of them goodbye (especially for their coach who has always been emotional when it comes to her ‘anaks’). But now that they’ve found their true and confident self—kudos to ‘The Voice Teens’ and their beauty BFF, CLEAN & CLEAR ®—it’ll be easy for these ladies to achieve their goals in no time.

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