Fearless Forecast: Who’ll Make it Big in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7?

It’s been a month since the newest batch of celebrity housemates came together and stepped inside the Big Brother house for its Lucky Season 7, and in that short amount of time, we’ve caught a glimpse of their strengths and flaws. We’ve already got our own picks of winners and contenders in our hearts.

Who do we think will make it big, not only as this edition’s Big Winner but also in their respective careers after the season ends? While the controversies and challenges are entertaining to watch and fun to engage in social media, in the essence of it, Pinoy Big Brother is a reality show, so we want to see authenticity, true emotions, and personal growth, especially with these celebrity housemates whom we have seen under the spotlight of showbiz. That even though they’re celebrated personalities, they’re real people just like us.

From what we have seen this season, here are the contenders that have been treading on the right path towards the Big Night:

Jinri Park

Fearless Forecast Who ll Make it Big in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7  1

Yes, she may have left the Big Brother House in Vietnam, albeit not on a final “voluntary exit,” as Kuya stressed, as she can possibly return later in the season. But during her stay, Jinri Park surely made her mark more than the obvious “K-Hot Cover Girl ng South Korea” tag. She’s chill, down-to-earth, and genuine—traits that even fellow housemates noticed about her.

Actually, this is far off from what she actually sees about herself. Jinri admitted that she has been living alone, with her parents residing in South Korea, and when she opened up to Kuya about her inevitable loneliness, her being an introvert and reserved—it was something we never hinted of Jinri as show biz had always projected her as this outgoing person.

But going beyond herself is what impresses fellow housemates and viewers, and this could catapult her to greater heights if and when she comes back as a housemate or as an artist beyond the walls of Bahay Ni Kuya.

Nonong Ballinan

Fearless Forecast Who ll Make it Big in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7  2

Always bringing joy in the midst of the most stressful and challenging situations in the house, Nonong Ballinan has captured the hearts of viewers.

They say that the funniest people are often the saddest, but this Kanto Komikero begs to differ. Although Nonong had already shared with the housemates a heartbreaking tale regarding a miscarriage in the past, he never let that memory stop him from bringing joy in the house. In fact, there is never an episode where he didn’t make crack a laugh from his housemates and us viewers as well.

There’s no doubt that his humor comes naturally, but as we see his comical side, we can also see the authenticity in his actions, that just like the most of us, he just wants to be happy. His intentions are pure; he only wants people to think positively despite the cruel, cruel world, and he is certainly leading by example. Though he may have been short on luck on It’s Showtime’s Funny One, the odds seem to be in his favor this time.

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