EXCLUSIVE: See Liza Soberano’s Martial Arts Training Photos For ‘Darna’

Aside from circuit training and weights, Liza Soberano is also taking mixed martial arts in preparation for her stunts in ‘Darna’. These new moves are challenging, but there’s no stopping Liza from perfecting her workouts—even during her heavy-flow days, thanks to MODESS® All Night’s superior protection. Check this out!

In an exclusive interview, Liza talks about the importance of mixing up training routines to get effective and impressive results. “Once a certain workout gets easy, you really don’t benefit from it,” says the young actress.

“I wish to inspire other girls through sharing the journey it took me to get into character as ‘Darna’. It wasn’t an easy one, but it was definitely fulfilling. If ever they’re feeling hesitant about anything they would like to pursue—may it be work, fitness, love, or simply following their dreams—always remember what made them want that thing so bad in the first place,” says Liza.

EXCLUSIVE See Liza Soberano s Martial Arts Training Photos For Darna  1

Liza attributes her confidence to move comfortably while training to MODESS® All Night. “I’m always confident that I am protected no matter how hard the movements may be,” she shares.

EXCLUSIVE See Liza Soberano s Martial Arts Training Photos For Darna  2

No buts, no ifs, no excuses. Liza Soberano is working hard for her total transformation as the new ‘Darna’—and her empowering journey is exactly what you need to conquer your own #BagongGalawBagongMundo without hesitation.

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