Here’s Something Special ‘The Voice Teens’ #AlwaysReady Ladies Have In Common
Here s Something Special The Voice Teens AlwaysReady Ladies Have In Common 1

Mica Becerro, Isabela Vinzon, and ‘The Voice Teens’ Grand Champion Jona Soquite don’t have much in common. For starters, these girls have unique music styles and genres: Jona loves Pop, Isabela adores Jazz, and Mica really digs Classical. They have different yet equally interesting reasons for joining ‘The Voice Teens’, too. Team Lea’s Mica hopes to inspire young artists like her to explore classical music. Team Bamboo’s Isabela, on the other hand, aspires to be in the media industry just like her dad—not as an actress, though, but as a singer. Meanwhile, Jona of Team Sarah wants nothing but improve her family’s living condition by winning in ‘The Voice Teens’.

Yet despite all their differences, Mica, Isabela, and Jona have one special thing in common—their one true secret to looking confident on stage, Clean & Clear!

The three are #AlwaysReady for the camera because of the beauty brand’s trusty skincare buys: Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Wash deeply removes dirt—without drying the skin—to prevent unwanted zits. Clean & Clear Essential Face Powder, on the other hand, helps keep their face shine-free since it provides up to 8-hour oil control. And when they don’t have much time for touch-ups, they always go for Clean & Clear Oil Control Film. This one comes as a handy wipe-off film that soaks up excess oil, without ruining their makeup! Thanks to these no-fail products, the girls can focus on nailing their performances and stop worrying about how they look on stage.

Here s Something Special The Voice Teens AlwaysReady Ladies Have In Common 2

These three are different in countless ways, that’s for sure. But with their talent, determination, and #AlwaysReady confidence, these beautiful young artists are headed in just one direction—a promising future in the Philippine music industry.