Liza Soberano Unlocked Her Courage To Face One Of Her Greatest Fears

We’re all excited to see Liza Soberano’s upcoming movie to take flight but did you know that she’s actually scared of heights? In an interview, Liza mentioned that she’s uncomfortable with high grounds. She wanted to conquer her fear by going to an adventure at Masungi Georeserve together with her new friends!

Liza is #AlwaysReady to challenge herself to move out of her comfort zone.

Her first challenge was to climb up a challenging net ladder, she looked nervous but she was able to finish the task! More than this, she was #AlwaysReady to cheer and help the other girls achieve the same!

Liza is #PrettyandCarefree to stand on the ‘sapot’ while smiling for the camera.

She is looking pretty confident while standing on steel web platform suspended above high ground! Liza easily finished her second challenge and she even managed to flash a smile while in the center of the ‘sapot’.

Liza successfully conquered her fear of heights with a little help from her new friends!

She made friends with Mary Johanne Dela Serna, Angela Gonzales, Laurice Julienne Aguba, Paola Lomangaya, and Anjanette Nunag -- the Grand Prize Winners of the #CourageUnlocked promo. These teens were from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Some of them were flown in and given lodging so that they can take part of this fun day with Liza!

If Liza had her #CourageUnlocked to face her fear of heights, so can you!


What’s #YourMove to take courage to try new challenges?

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