Dreams Do Come True:  Jona Soquite is the Grand Champion  of The Voice Teens!
Dreams Do Come True Jona Soquite is the Grand Champion of The Voice Teens  1

And then there was one.

After the breathtaking performances and public voting, Jona Soquite beat the other talented hopefuls to become the first–ever Grand Winner of the The Voice Teens! Many prizes await Jona, but perhaps there’s no greater reward than realizing your dreams. Winning the competition is just the beginning, though. The new The Voice Teens has desires and ambitions that go beyond singing, as seen in the champion’s Pangarap Diaries video below.


One of the said prizes that Jona will receive is Sun Life’s My Future Fund, which will help ensure that shewill be able to turn all of her dreams into reality while securing her future . But know this: Like The Voice Teens’ grand champion, you too can achieve your goals with the support of the first, longest-standing, and #1 life insurance company in the Philippines.


Dreams Do Come True Jona Soquite is the Grand Champion of The Voice Teens  2

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Sa My Future Fund ng Sun Life, mas madali mo nang maaabot ang iyong mga pangarap. Masisimulan na ni Jona ang kanya. Simulan mo na rin ang pagtupad sa mga pangarap mo.