Karla Estrada now everyone’s online Queen Mother


Every weekday morning, she’s one of the gorgeous and gregarious Magandang Buhay momshies who welcome us to another great day that promises hope, laughter, and love.


Now, we are not only seeing her on television for Karla Estrada has also been active online through her viral social media posts. Now, the Queen Mother has gone the next level with a series of vlogs dubbed as Queen Mother: Reyna ng Tahanan, where she displays her side as a caring, gumptious, and playful mama to her four adorable children, guides other moms through motherhood hacks, and shares simple recipes to sumptuous dishes.


It has been running for almost a month now, but has incredibly racked up more than 100,000 views, thousands of reactions, and hundreds of shares from her avid followers. Besides, the celebrity mom never forgets to disclose some trivia regarding their family and gives sensible life advices from the host.


Mother’s Day special


This year’s Mother’s Day celebration was extra special as the Queen Mother’s online show started last May 13. Before feasting on the delectable meals, she and her equally good-looking kiddos played a game first called “Name That Ford”, in which she would identify who among them possess the characteristics that would be mentioned.


Of course, the day would not end without Daniel, JC, Magui, and Carmella blurting out their hearty messages to their one and only Mama. In return, she also blurted out her well wishes and nuggets of wisdom to them. 



Everyday DISHkartre


Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, and at the same time, it’s also a dilemma for momshies who have ran out of ideas what to prepare for their family. Thus, in this video, Karla taught us how to level up the usual brekkie viands such as ginisang sardines, corned beef, and instant noodles into more appetizing and nutritious dishes.



"Familia Blandina" behind-the-scenes

Aside from juggling her maternal and Magandang Buhay duties, the Queen Mother is currently busy filming her newest, upcoming comedy movie as well, "Familia Blandina". To give us a little teaser, she toured us on their set located somewhere in Bulacan and even introduced her fellow cast members through Facebook Live.



Mother-daughter bonding idea

With the grueling demands of being a full-time mom and a showbiz personality, the 43-year-old celebrity momshie makes sure to always have time for her children, and it’s the same thing she advises to working parents like her. 

Her bonding activities with them vary, but for Magui who’s already 16 years old and fond of Hallyu, it’s a makeup session. In this episode, her daughter did her a Korean-inspired do and even taught her a few Korean words. They were also joined by their bunso, who recalled a funny moment of her ate.



The perks of single motherhood

Being a single parent is not an easy task. However, it’s not all about sacrifices and hardships because for the Queen Mother, singlehandedly raising your kids has advantages too! Watch the video to know the “10 Best Things of Being a Single Mom” for her and the side stories behind the every reason on her list.



Daniel’s most favorite dish


Her firstborn, Daniel Padilla, is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after and admired young celebrities of his generation. Thus, it’s not surprising why girls want to know every bit of information about the King of Hearts, including his favorite food which Karla divulged in her show. 


Since it’s one of the highly requested topics of her followers, she imparted the recipe of her “Bistek Tagalog ala Daniel”.



Don’t miss the fun and learnings courtesy of Momshie Karla Estrada, by tuning in to her vlog Queen Mother: Reyna ng Tahanan through her YouTube channel QueenMotherPH, her Facebook page @KarlaEstrada1121, and her website queenmother.ph. She also wants to hear from you so don’t forget to send your questions by using the hashtag #AskQueenMother on Twitter!