Watch These: The Most-Talked About Shows that Should Be Gracing Your TV Screens!

In this golden age of television, dozens of shows litter the landscape and battle for the opportunity to grace our TV screens. But then, there are shows that are so good, so popular, that they dominate social media and watercooler conversations for weeks on end and leave a mark on pop culture. These are must-watch shows, the kind that you definitely won’t want to miss—below are some of them.

La Luna Sangre

ABS-CBN’s hit fantasy drama that serves as a sequel to both Lobo and Imortal, pits humans, vampires, and werewolves anew in the latest chapter of this epic TV series. The show’s protagonist is Malia, a young woman who was prophesied to put an end to the reign of evil vampires and kill the one who has “cursed ink.” Tristan, her love interest, is a jeepney driver who has found himself fighting the same battle that Malia is. They’ll be going up against the Supremo, the leader of the evil vampires and the show’s main villain, who believes that the prophecy is about his demise, which is why he’s hell-bent on finding Malia and finishing her off. Is the prophecy accurate? And how does Tristan figure into the prophecy? The series has been taking primetime weeknights by storm; and with the recent story developments on the show, its already dark atmosphere may become even darker.

Game of Thrones

This is the show that people can’t shut up about. For the last two months, everyone’s been talking about the latest “OMG!” moment on HBO’s fantasy series. It’s no surprise, since things just keep on heating up on Game of Thrones (or keep on getting colder, because winter already came on the show), with our favorite characters reuniting or meeting each other for the first time and finding themselves in grave danger. The series recently wrapped up its seventh season, and its eight and final season won’t probably debut until 2019. The cinematic battles featuring swords, dragons, and White Walkers that spill to your living room due to their epic scale will certainly be missed. But on the flipside, this also gives you plenty of time to do a re-watch. Or if you still haven’t started watching, then what are you waiting for? Winter?

Chasing Flavors

Chasing Flavors takes us on a gastronomic adventure around the Philippines with every episode of this scrumptious culinary show. It’s not your typical cooking program in which the dishes of a certain region are exhausted throughout an entire episode. Instead, it puts the spotlight on one trademark Filipino dish in each installment and features the different ways the many regions in the country prepare it. Made for those who love to cook and those who love to eat (all of us fall in either of these categories), the show enthuses about Philippine cuisine in a way that would not only make us crave for Pinoy food, but build a greater appreciation for it. Don’t stay too close to your TV while watching the show, though—it can really make you hungry.

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