In Focus: Meet Five Millennial Multihyphenates Who Are Bringing Girl Power In Action!

We all have a place in this world. It’s just that in our pursuit of it, we encounter fears and struggles that may either stop us or push us to carry on with our journey. 

Meet these five millennial multihyphenates who inspired young women at this year’s #ItsAGirlThing fest to take all the steps they need to achieve their life goals and make the world a better place to live in!

In Focus Meet Five Millennial Multihyphenates Who Are Bringing Girl Power In Action  1


You need to see how much passion and love this 17-year-old has. ANDREAH, who was the supporting act of The Script in some parts of the band’s Asia tour this year, makes it a point to empower women to feel good and help them get through tough times through her songs. “Some things that I write about are specific to women and what they are going through,” she says. “Hopefully, by listening to my songs, they feel inspired and feel like ‘I can make a change, I’m a girl, and I got this!’” Having led a fundraising talent contest to help build a school in Cambodia, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this girl—who is loved on YouTube and Instagram—touch the lives of many as she reaches greater heights in the music scene.

Asia Jackson

You might have come across #MagandangMorenx on your social media sites, and it’s about time we give more credit to the millennial behind it – Asia Jackson. This YouTube star, who’s got the perfect mix of African, American, and Filipino, has inspired girls out there to consistently push for authenticity and celebrate beauty in all its forms. The young actress shares, “I think by promoting things like that, we really get to see people be more comfortable and empower them to be who they are as a result.”

Liane Valenzuela

Liane V is a classic example of confidence and grace. Loved by nearly half a million YouTube subscribers and 4.5M Instagram followers, this social media star redefines beauty by doing comedy skits as she expresses her true self in her vlogs. “I feel that a lot of women feel there’s a certain definition of being beautiful where you have to be still and not be goofy,” the actress muses. “I think it’s important for women to be comfortable with who they are in expressing their personalities through whatever they enjoy like makeup, fashion, talking about funny things to your friends.” We’re looking forward to see more of her as she continues to flourish in the world of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Megan Batoon

An actress, dancer, choreographer, and lifestyle vlogger, Megan Batoon empowers young women not to be perfect, but to be at their best. Having starred in Step Up Revolution (2012),
Ladies of Rap (2012) and Everything Before Us (2015), this girl has made it simply by being her authentic self – as clich√© as it may sound. Megan reveals, “It’s all about not filtering yourself and not trying to change who you are to fit the mold of whatever anyone thinks is acceptable.” It’s not surprising to know she has gained almost 1M followers on YouTube and Instagram, if you ask us!

Meredith Foster

For Meredith Foster, who has over two million Instagram followers and nearly five million YouTube subscribers, her mission is to spread as much love and light as she could not only with her content but also her everyday actions. The beauty and lifestyle vlogger says, “It’s like if you tell someone out in the streets and you say, ‘Hey! You look beautiful today!’ that’s like cracking open a glow stick full of positivity and that can make someone’s day!” adding that it could have a ripple effect on other women. “That’s really what I’m trying to give,” she continues