VIRAL: Why Netizens Love This Heartwarming Video of A Mom & Her Special Tinola


When setbacks and heartbreaks happen, moms always know how to comfort us beyond words. Watch Knorr’s short film to find out why we just can’t contain our #feels!


Most commercials come and go—except those that stand out because of their touching messages. Case in point: Knorr’s short film about an ever-supportive mom and her son who got his heart broken because, well, the Bar Exam happened. 



As of writing, the video has over 1.4 million views on YouTube—and netizens just
can’t help but talk about their #feels! 



All these feels made us wonder why it worked. Maybe it’s because it reminded us how we all have that one person who believes in us—even if the whole world doesn’t. That one person who knows how to comfort us beyond words: our moms. And Knorr made us remember why we need their #LutongNanay and tender loving care to survive the toughest of heartbreaks.




Life isn’t fair. Plans get derailed, whether we like it or not. But no matter how old we get, every mom’s uplifting words and warm embrace have the power to make things better. That simple “bilib ako sa’yo” line is more than enough to keep us going. But if it doesn’t do the trick, maybe a warm tinola made special with Knorr will.