ABS-CBN AVP & Head of Global Anti-Piracy Elisha Lawrence further warns pirates at ANC Alerts stint


Following ABS-CBN’s landmark victory in a legal battle at the tail end of December 2017 against 32 websites that illegally reproduced and distributed its content, ABS-CBN AVP and Head of Global Anti-Piracy Elisha Lawrence (LEFT) bolsters the company’s warning to pirates in a recent interview with Lexi Schulze (RIGHT) on ANC Alerts.


Lawrence — whose team’s most recent anti-piracy win included a US federal court awarding advertising revenue and ownership of the domain names of the pirate sites to ABS-CBN, a milestone that was featured in TorrentFreak, a leading blog dedicated to copyright, privacy, and filesharing news — said that ABS-CBN is relentlessly advancing its efforts daily.


In the interview, Lawrence reveals that ABS-CBN’s anti-piracy efforts have extended the long arm of the law. ABS-CBN has become the first media and entertainment network in the world to put content pirates into jail in China. Lawrence reminded viewers about the anti-piracy campaign message, “Don’t pay a high price for free,” because according to her, getting the content for free by clicking on these pirate sites also means getting malware where pirates are able to have full access to your personal data (banking information, passwords, private emails, etc.) from your computer, phone, ipad and other devices.


In addition, the pirate’s violation of intellectual property rights affects the bottom line of the company, because distributing the movies on to the internet while they are still in the theaters substantially affects theatrical revenue which in turn puts at risk the livelihoods of all the ABS-CBN employees who are involved in all aspects of producing these movies and daily tv shows.


As a result, she is passionate about protecting the public against being victimized by malware as well as protecting the livelihoods of ABS-CBN employees and their families.


“I am going after everyone. Let all pirates be warned,” Lawrence cautioned.


Watch the interview on TFC online and on the ABS-CBN Global Kapamilya Global PR Facebook page. (Marianne Ferrer-de Vera, ABS-CBN Global Corporate Affairs and PR)