Facts Gazini Ganados
6 facts you may not know about Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2019 Gazini Ganados 1

Now that a year has passed since Catriona Gray gloriously took home the fourth Miss Universe crown for the Philippines, it is time for a new queen to raise our nation’s flag in the upcoming Miss Universe 2019 pageant. As the highly anticipated pageant approaches, it is clear how Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2019 Gazini Ganados is all set to represent our country and vie for a back-to-back win for the Philippines.

But before we get astounded with her beauty, brains and grace on the day of the competition, let us get to know her even more. In case you might have missed these details, Gazini has revealed some of the most interesting facts about her personal life in her interviews on different Kapamilya shows, days after gaining her title in the Binibining Pilipinas 2019 pageant last June 2019.

1. She played in the streets during her childhood years.


Even though it might seem almost impossible, Gazini shared that she used to play in the streets during her childhood years. Living a simple life back then in the province of Zamboanga Del Norte where she was born until being in her sixth grade, she can remember how she used to run with her playmates under the sun while playing hide and seek or other ‘tatak Pinoy’ street games.

2. She never met her dad until now.


At 23, Gazini confessed that she never met her Palestinian father, not even once in her life. Her maternal grandparents and her single mom, Carmencita Ganados, raised her. Though she won’t deny the fact that she longed for her dad many times, Gazini shared that she felt contented most of the time with how things are because her grandparents and her mom never lacked in providing the love and care that she needs. Plus, her mom had different jobs relating to construction work, as she became both a mom and a dad for Gazini.

3. She biked to school when she was young to help her mom save money.



4. Her mother did not want her to enter beauty pageants before.


Fearing that pageantry might lead her one and only daughter astray, mommy Carmencita disagreed with Gazini’s decision to join beauty pageants during her teenage years. Nevertheless, when our determined queen fulfilled her promise to do well in her academics by maintaining a scholarship and gaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Management, Gazini earned the approval of her beloved mother. But for some reasons despite her mother’s approval, Gazini told herself that Binibining Pilipinas 2019 is the last pageant she would compete in. Fortunately, something greater is planned for her now that she became a titleholder and the Philippines’ representative to the Miss Universe 2019 pageant.

5. She has a degree in Health Care Services NCII.

Aside from the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Management, Gazini worked hard to earn a National Certificate II (NC II) in Health Care Services. Her love for her grandparents urged her to do so. Unfortunately, her grandparents had passed on after personally taking care of them. Presently, she aims to make use of her Health Care Services NC II in her advocacy for elderly care.

6. She is confidently and effortlessly gorgeous.


One of the many negative comments from Gazini’s bashers says that the beauty queen wouldn’t be so beautiful without her make-up on. Fearlessly, the Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2019 titleholder proved those comments wrong as she volunteered to be the first ever beauty queen who removed her make-up on national television.

Watch Gazini Ganados as she vies for the Miss Universe crown live from Atlanta, Georgia on December 9 on ABS-CBN and also on iWant.