ABS-CBN’s “Just Love Araw-Araw” caravan joins 120th Philippine Independence celebrations in Hong Kong and Taiwan


ABS-CBN’s “Just Love Araw-Araw” celebrations continue to soar as The Filipino Channel (TFC) brought the entertainment caravan to the 120th Philippine Independence Day in Hong Kong and Taiwan on June 10.

The largest and leading Filipino-owned media and entertainment company, ABS-CBN kicked off the “Just Love Araw-Araw” campaign in the Philippines in April by spreading small acts of love by Filipinos despite the daily challenges in life.

Showering love through entertainment and laughter during the TFC Hour in Hong Kong and Taiwan, are ABS-CBN stars Ronnie Alonte and Lassy Marquez in Hong Kong, and Bela Padilla and Negi in Taiwan.

After the long parade of colorful costumes inspired by the different Philippine festivals at the Kapangyawan Festival in Hong Kong, the crowd lined up the street to witness the performances from Alonte and Marquez.



The TFC Hour “Just Love Araw-Araw in Hong Kong” at the “Kapangyawan Festival” was memorable for HashTags member Ronnie Alonte as it was his first visit to Hong Kong


The Filipino community in Hong Kong made sure that the Hashtags member’s first visit really stuck in his mind as they welcomed the teen star warmly as he approached them to shake their hands and grant some requests for selfies.


During one of the event promos, these lucky ladies gave everything they got from singing, to dancing, down to acting just to prove to Lassy Marquez (far right) that they deserved to be the leading lady of the young heartthrob Ronnie Alonte (far left). At the end, it was Mecha Flores who was named winner, brought home a “Just Love Araw-Araw” shirt and both a kiss and hug from Alonte.


Members of the Filipino community both new and current subscribers of TFC online, were able to get lucky at the TFC booth as they got a photo opportunity with Ronnie Alonte and Lassy Marquez.


Some new and current subscribers who visited the TFC booth chose to take home the widely popular “Just Love Araw Araw” shirt.


Some of the performers at the Kapangyawan Festival introduced the Filipino culture to the locals of Hong Kong by showcasing some of the traditional Filipino festival dances.


Meantime, on the other side of Asia, ABS-CBN also shared the #JustLoveArawAraw celebrations with the Filipino community in Taiwan during the TFC Hour at the
triple celebration of the annual Philippine Independence Day, Migrant Workers’ Day and 3rd FILCOM Friendship Fun Run. The unstable weather did not douse the afternoon gaiety as Padilla and Negi entertained the audience with games, song, and dance.

The “Meet Me in St. Gallen” star Bela Padilla gave everyone the feels as she performed the hit songs “Love You Like a Love Song” by Selena Gomez and “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry.


Bela Padilla was overwhelmed by the warm welcome from the crowd that she could not help but approach as many people as she can while she performed


Negi (far right) prepared challenges for three men who wanted to win the heart of Bela Padilla (second from left). They dedicated to her a song, a dance showdown, and a hugot line (punchline on heartbreak) just to prove they deserved to win. In the end, it was the guy named JC who was hailed the winner.

These lucky bunch got both a “Just Love Araw-Araw” shirt as well as passes for the photo session with Bela Padilla and Negi just by buying TFC online Premium prepaid cards from participating EEC stores which they presented it at the TFC booth that day.


Meantime, this TFC subscriber presented at the TFC booth her purchase of a three-month TFC online LITE prepaid card and brought home a “Just Love Araw Araw” shirt.


More than entertainment, TFC marked the milestone as the biggest gathering of overseas Filipinos in Taiwan to date.  The “Just Love Araw-Araw” events are also not only a celebration of our 120th Independence anniversary but also a show of unity, especially among overseas Filipinos who left the comfort of their homes to achieve a better life for their families.