Poll: Netizens pick ZekShie of Playhouse as the most ‘kilig’ Kapamilya teleserye couple
Poll Netizens pick ZekShie of Playhouse as the most kilig Kapamilya teleserye couple 1

Although the love month has ended, our Kapamilya teleserye couples never stopped giving us the ‘kilig’ feels everyday as their love stories continue to unfold in our most beloved Kapamilya shows. And among the many tandems in our Kapamilya programs, we picked the top four endearing teleserye couples and asked the netizens who bring that ultimate ‘kilig.’ In this Kapamilya Poll, netizens picked ZekShie of Playhouse as the number one tandem who gives them the ‘kilig’ feels.

Shiela (Kisses Delavin) and Zeke (Donny Pangilinan) got 61.28% of the votes from the netizens. Their romance grew from having a series of not-so-good encounters at first, to being good and dependable friends and eventually being each other’s special someone. Shiela and Zeke also showed us how our families should be honored while lovers are in a romantic relationship.

As we have seen on how their love journey unfolded in Playhouse, Shiela and Zeke’s sweet romance is indeed one of the most endearing we have witnessed and their tandem is undeniably a match made in heaven.


Poll Netizens pick ZekShie of Playhouse as the most kilig Kapamilya teleserye couple 2


Meanwhile, Tina (Heaven Peralejo) and Val (McCoy De Leon) of Wansapanataym presents Mr. CutePido was in second place with 28.78%. Theirs is an adorable love story of a lovely girl whose kind and positive personality was able to captivate and transform the life of a heart breaker. In their charming love story, they taught us to believe and have faith in having true love no matter how harsh life can be in this fast-changing world that we all live in.

Gaining the third spot on the rankings of this poll is Claire (Loisa Andalio) and Ivan (Ronnie Alonte) in The General’s Daughter with 9.57% of the votes. Even though their story just began in the said show, Claire and Ivan’s tandem already gave us true ‘kilig’ feels in some of their “love and hate” moments as their connection grows deeper. Knowing that Ivan doesn’t have pure intentions in being close with Claire, we will certainly have to witness how a sweet, family-oriented girl and a hard-nosed hooligan will eventually find love.

Garnering 0.37% of the votes, Cassie (Francine Diaz) and Kristoff (Kyle Echarri) of Kadenang Ginto placed fourth on this poll. These two teenagers’ cute and sweet childhood romance teaches everyone, especially people their age, on how to handle special friendship responsibly. Even though Cassie and Kristoff both see each other as someone special, they still choose to take things slow and prioritize their studies.