Momshies: Here’s a Smart Way to Lower Your Electricity Bill

As a momshie and the manager of the household, you’re always looking for a way to maximize your budget, cut back on your expenses, and run your home more efficiently. One way to go about these is to be smart—by using smart appliances. A washing machine is one of the most indispensable household appliances, and you can save significantly on electricity by going with one that’s both efficient and effective: the LG Smart Inverter Top Load Washing Machine.

The Top Load Washing Machine features the advanced Smart Inverter Control, which saves electricity by efficiently adjusting energy use. But more than that, it boasts of superior performance and reliability, rounding out the principal essentials one will require from a washing machine. Learn more about this momshie-recommended washer below.

Energy Efficiency

Momshies such as yourself will enjoy huge savings on electricity because of the Top Load Washing Machine’s Smart Inverter Control. It does so with its two primary functions.

  • Auto-Restart - This automatically resumes the position the machine stopped at in case of a brownout—you won’t have to restart the entire process from the very beginning!
  • Standby Power Save - Even if the power cord is plugged in while the machine is turned off, only a very small amount of electricity will run through the washer.

Compared to using a conventional washing machine, the Smart Inverter Control will reduce your electrical consumption by as much as 36%! This means you’ll have more budget to spend on other household needs.

Powerful Performance

Not only is the Top Load Washing Machine highly efficient, but it’s also highly effective because of these:

  • Smart Motion - The machine utilizes three types of motions for different kinds of fabrics to ensure a powerful wash without tangling and clothing damage.
  • Turbo Drum – Eliminate the toughest stains and dirt with the strong water streams generated by the drum.Punch+3 – Complementing the Turbo Drum, this spins laundry up and down repeatedly for a truly thorough
  • Punch+3 – Complementing the Turbo Drum, this spins laundry up and down repeatedly for a truly thorough clean.

With these three features, the Top Load Washing Machine gets the job done while at the same time providing your clothing with optimal care. You know what this also means, momshies? You won’t have a headache when your child goes home from school with his/her uniform all dirty!

Long-term Reliability

The Smart Inverter Control’s motor is composed of a fiber-strengthening plastic that’s commonly used in automobiles. This protects it against dust, humidity, and even against pests such as insects and rats. To supplement its durability, LG is also providing a 10-year warranty. Momshies, you won’t be just saving on electricity with the Top Load Washing Machine —you also won’t have to shell out money to replace your washer for a very long time!

With the LG Smart Inverter Top Load Washing Machine’s cutting-edge technology that takes user experience to the next level, momshies can do more for less. Less time. Less effort. Less electricity consumption. Going with this smart washing machine is a smart way to run a more efficient home. Plus, you’ll get to augment your household budget due to the energy savings!

For more information on the LG Smart Inverter Top Load Washing Machine, click here.