CHECKMEOUT: Earn cash while you declutter

There’s no better time than now to become a digital entrepreneur! Everything you need to boost your business is just a search away.

While the tools to make your online business a success are at your disposal, for many, one of their greatest challenges is finding the right product to sell. With so many competitors online, you really need to sit down and create a comprehensive plan: What does the market want? What products do they need? What resources do you have?

Though it might take time to flesh out these ideas and as you explore the different possibilities; why not start learning how to sell online by selling off what you already have–like your preloved items? Through this, you can learn the basics of online selling, as well as clear out your home of clutter, while making extra cash.

Here are some of the items that are a big hit among online shoppers who are in search of a good deal:

Brand new gadgets such as cameras and watches can put a hefty dent on anyone’s wallet, so gently used ones like these, which can be owned at a fraction of the original cost, become a great steal!

Matteo Guidicelli- Swatch watch

2.    BAGS
Bags are always hot items as they’re a must-have for the everyday; whether it’s for work, a night out or just a casual day with the fam. And usually, shoppers are on the lookout to invest in more than one piece.

Tootsy Angara - Longchamp Clutch

Rissa Mananquil-Trillo - Givenchy Pyramid Bag

The prices for designer duds can be dizzying, so selling your pre-luxury items for less is a great way to earn cash and get brand-conscious shoppers excited.

Tootsy Angara - Dennis Lustico Gown

Ces Drilon - CK Dress

Joey Mead - Bebe Dress

Online shoppers, most especially Filipinos, are big on travel gear and accessories. So why not sell off your pre-loved travel kits, bags and luggage to get them excited for their next, big adventure.


Jodi Sta. Maria - Rimowa Luggage

Tricia Centenera - Karen Walker Sunglasses

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