Sarah Lahbati Reveals The Secret To Keeping A Fresh And Lasting Attraction!

Sarah Lahbati has come a long way ever since her career was launched. From then on, Sarah has continuously shined in the local entertainment industry and became more in demand.

Her Instagram is a proof that she’s never too busy for the things (and people!) she love. Read on to find out what she’s up to behind the lenses!



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We don’t know how she does it, but she manages to squeeze in some time for fun in between her hectic schedule!



@gforce_ritz 😘

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We’re totally admiring Sarah’s dancing skills! Talk about multi-talented!



TRUE BEAUTY IS OUT!!! Get your copy at any national bookstore or online for 295p only! 💋

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At the age of 23, Sarah was able to publish her own book! In it she reveals the Sarah we don’t usually see on TV. Just like everyone else, she had her fair share of difficulties that helped her become the beautiful, confident woman she is today.

For someone with a busy lifestyle, Sarah still manages to look (and feel!) extremely fresh and beautiful. Though she has her genes to thank for this, the new Closeup Fresh Attraction Toothpaste also deserves some credit! It gives her not only the total confidence boost she needs to conquer, but also freshness like she has never felt before. She doesn’t even have to worry about getting #CloserThanEver with Richard (her husband-to-be!) upon waking up or coming home from a busy day—Closeup Fresh Attraction Toothpaste does the work for her and helps her keep their attraction fresh and lasting!


So, there you have it! Now that you know Sarah’s secret, you, too, can confidently get #CloserThanEver with the people you love! To know more about Closeup Fresh Attraction, follow @CloseupPH on Twitter and Instagram!