Movies with inspiring Filipino moms that you need to watch

Moms deserve the world, but at the end of the day, what will bring happiness to her this Mother’s Day are moments shared with her family intimately. Aside from a special dinner or flowers, a movie marathon may just be the best way to spend it with her. After all, movies about mothers who inspire are aplenty this May. For the best movie watching experience, be sure to have a SKY Fiber connection and download ABS-CBN’s streaming app iWant as it offers movies that you and mom will definitely love.

1. Caregiver

Adjusting to life in a new city and learning the ropes of a new career are extremely challenging, but for mothers who dream of providing a better future for their kids, these are challenges they are willing to take.  “Caregiver” follows the story of Sarah (Sharon Cuneta), a teacher who leaves the Philippines to become a caregiver in London so she can give a better life to her son - a proof that mothers are ready to endure hardships for their loved ones.

2. A Mother’s Story

Mothers sometimes make hard choices just to spare their family from difficulties, and “A Mother’s Story” beautifully highlights this. Pokwang plays Medy, a professional make-up artist who bags a brief gig in the United States. Instead of returning to the Philippines after her work wrapped up, Medy turns into an illegal immigrant, thinking that her choice to stay in the U.S. will help improve her family’s life in the Philippines –a decision that later on tries to break her family.

3. In My Life

Loving unconditionally is an inherent trait of mothers. In fact, no circumstance is too complicated for mothers to handle, as depicted in “In My Life,” starring Vilma Santos who shines as Shirley, a loving mother who travels to New York to be with her gay son, Mark (played by Luis Manzano). Shirley’s new life becomes rocky when she decides to live with Mark and his partner, Noel (John Lloyd Cruz), and when she discovers Mark’s biggest secret.

4. Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat

Moms want to feel loved and important. When they become empty nesters, it is tough for them to feel a sense of purpose. This is how the sequel to “Ang Tanging Ina” paints single mom Ina (Ai-Ai delas Alas), who now has grown kids. In an attempt to find meaning in her life, Ina embarks on a job hunt, and as fate would have it, she surprisingly becomes the President of the Philippines, making her the mother of the whole country.