ABS-CBN define its Brand Positioning and Visual Identity
ABS CBN define its Brand Positioning and Visual Identity 1

In 2014, ABS-CBN streamlined the company’s brand positioning into four pillars:  (1) to be in the service of the Filipino worldwide, (2) to foster personal connections,(3) to create authentic stories, and (4) be transformational leaders. 

These will be evoked by four chosen ‘personalities’ for the ABS-CBN masterbrand: imaginative, pioneering, embracing, and dignified – to fulfill its determined brand promise of “creating the moments that transform, empower, and uplift,” as well as its specific brand essence of narrating “authentic, transformational journeys.” 

In this light, the current logo no longer bears the serif element in both vertical and horizontal versions to better reflect the brand’s visual identity that builds “strong visual recognition and emotional connections with our audiences.” 

At the same time, a secondary graphic consisting of ‘sunrise’-like bleeding rings of the logo  (in red, green, and blue), “based on the idea of the Filipino journey,” was introduced to further strengthen its communications across different media.