Weatherproof Your Hair With These 4 Tricks From Ylona

Given how unpredictable the weather is, taking care of our tresses can get pretty challenging-- but it doesn’t have to be. Just take it from Ylona Garcia and her smooth, gorgeous locks! 

Scroll down to see some of her faves that keep her from having a bad hair day, whatever the weather is!

1. Style a Ponytail

Weatherproof Your Hair With These 4 Tricks From Ylona 1
Photo credit: @ylonagarcia IG

Just by looking at her Instagram, we can already tell that this look is one of Ylona’s faves. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s VERY easy to achieve, plus it can save her from all the bad hair day and weather troubles! 

Pro tip: When the it just gets a little bit *too* basic, you can turn (or twirl) it up a notch!

2. Accessorize with a Headband

Weatherproof Your Hair With These 4 Tricks From Ylona 2
Photo credit: @ylonagarcia IG

Much like hats and caps, you can also never go wrong with a headband. We often see this look on Ylona, and we have a pretty good idea why: it looks oh-so-fab! And that’s not even the best part-- when you find yourself battling bad weather, you can count on this stylish headwear to keep your locks in place.

Pro tip: Before deciding which headband (or hairstyle) you should use, be sure to wash your hair using products that help you manage your hair better-- like Sunsilk!

3. “Cap Off” Your Look

Weatherproof Your Hair With These 4 Tricks From Ylona 3
Photo credit: @ylonagarcia IG

To simply put it: there’s no better way to complete your look than wearing a fashionable hat! This accessory does not only add fresh touches to your whole outfit; it also keeps your tresses locked down and even protects it from the sun. If you have no idea how to work a hat, you better take notes from Ylona!

Pro tip: Avoid ‘hat hair’ by making sure your hair is totally dry before wearing a hat or cap!

4. Invest in Good Shampoo

Weatherproof Your Hair With These 4 Tricks From Ylona 4
Photo credit: @ylonagarcia IG

“When you’re dealing with unpredictable weather, you’d definitely need a shampoo that keeps your hair manageable. And  Smooth & Manageable shampoo does just that-- and more! With its unique formula that’s made up of five flower essences, you can flaunt your fruity, floral fragrance and easy-to-style hair all day long!”

Pro tip: For best results, follow up with use of Sunsilk’s Smooth & Manageable conditioner!

Just like any other outdoor lover, Ylona never leaves the comfort of the indoors without being extra ready. Aside from knowing the best hair tricks, she’s able to weatherproof her hair properly by using Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable. It gives her 5x smoother and fragrant hair that makes her #ExtraReady for wherever the wind takes her!

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